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We loved working with you. You are talented, creative, patient, organized, reliable, warm and we were grateful that you directed and guided us through the entire process. You were truly a pleasure to work with.

Marla & Lisa

Kitchen Renovation | Prospect Heights | Brooklyn | NY

A Home Reimagined: Before & After Story: 

Step into a world of home magic with our latest kitchen renovation!

Meet Marla & Lisa who shares their unique journey. From the 'why' behind the renovation to the incredible before-and-after moments. Discover the personal moments that turned this renovation into a dream come true. Join us as we unveil their unique journey—more than just changes, it's a story of dreams brought to life!



Renovation Year:

Marla & Lisa

Prospect Heights | NY


What challenges were you facing with your previous kitchen layout/design?

The main challenge was that we had limited storage space.

Kitchen Remodel in New York City.
Investigating Kitchen Conditions for Kitchen Renovation.

How has the new kitchen design improved your daily life or cooking experience?

We could not be happier.

What do you love most about your new kitchen?

Everything. Honestly, we love the design and the materials and appliances that you helped us choose .

Is there anything you would change in your new kitchen?

Yes. We should have listened to you about putting in an induction stove, and that is entirely on us; we were committed to maintaining the gas and did not want to convert.

How do you feel about the functionality and aesthetics of your new kitchen space?

We love both the functionality and aesthetics of our new kitchen.

Mechanical Kitchen Drawing for Kitchen Renovation.
Kitchen Installation.

Can you share a personal story or experience that highlights how the new kitchen has impacted your life or family gatherings?

The kitchen is prominent in our home, and every person that comes into our space comments on what a gorgeous kitchen we have.

How do you feel when you spend time in your new kitchen now compared to before?

We absolutely love being in our new kitchen and can not thank you enough.

Were there any specific features or design elements that we implemented that you were particularly impressed with?

The pop-out pantry space that you created and the extra storage space that you designed around the island.

What made you decide to choose working with me for your kitchen design project?

We interviewed two other designers before meeting you. We decided to work with you on the day that we had our initial meeting because you patiently listened to us, asked us questions and generously offered us some intial creative ideas.

Modern Kitchen Design with white kitchen cabinets.

How did you find the process of working together to design your kitchen?

It was a pleasure to work with you at every step of the process. We found it seameless to work with you. You were responsive and patient.

Can you share a moment or aspect of the design process that stood out to you?

Your ability to listen, integrate our ideas and design solutions. You were persistant in trying to figure out multiple solutions to maximize our space.

bulthaup kitchen cabinets in white laminate.
Closed Pocket door with bulthaup cabinets.

How would you describe your experience with my responsiveness and communication throughout the project?

Excellent. Perfect!

Was there anything about my service that exceeded your expectations?

Everything. You were truly a pleasure to work with. We were impressed by your ability to navigate the more challenging aspects of our design.

Based on your experience, what would you say to someone considering hiring me for their kitchen design project?

Without reservation, we have highly recommended you to many people.

Do you feel that the investment in the kitchen design project was worthwhile? 

100%. We now have space and a kitchen that is beautiful and functional.

What, in your opinion, sets me apart from others you considered?

Your attention to detail, creative brilliance, communication, responsiveness, patience, ability to solve complicated challenges, organization and follow-up.

Large white bulthaup kitchen.
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