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Bauformat for a Greener Future: Where Sustainability Meets Style in Every Kitchen Design

White Bauformat Kitchen with island and bar seating.
White modern kitchen with island

Bauformat: Mission to a Greener Future: Your Kitchen, Your Planet" - Exploring Kitchen Designs, Costs, and Commitment to Sustainability

Looking for new kitchen cabinets? Seeking a solution that's as eco-friendly as it is stylish and high-quality? Look no further than Bauformat Kitchen. The German kitchen brand offers high-quality kitchens with a strong commitment to sustainability. In this post, we'll explore how the German Kitchen cabinets combine style and eco-friendliness. Plus, we'll discuss the costs associated with choosing a greener future. Join us in discovering a more sustainable kitchen solution.

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Bauformat: Origin, History & Core Values

Bauformat, a part of the Baumann Group, began as a small family business in 1917. This family-owned company started and still remains in Löhne Germany. The manufacturer has grown into one of the biggest kitchen furniture manufacturers. Burger, another kitchen brand as well as BURG and Badea are parts of the group.

The European kitchen manufacturer has decades of cabinet building experience. They are well-equipped to meet the needs of residential kitchens and commercial ventures. The brand is known for crafting first-class kitchens. They focus on delivering quality tailored to your dream kitchen while ensuring sustainability. If you are interested to learn more about other German Kitchen brands browse through our Kitchen Brands category.


Sustainability at Bauformat - Your Kitchen, Your Planet

Sustainability is at the heart of Bauformat's philosophy. The company has achieved several certifications that reflect its unwavering commitment to eco-friendliness. Certifications testifying to their commitment include:

  • PEFC certification,

  • Blue Angel,

  • Golden M

The manufacturer also complies with CARB2 and TSCA Title 6 standards. They also support local environmental initiatives as well. Since 2020, they managed to cut CO2 emissions of each employee by two-thirds.

Bauformat envisions a future where every kitchen is a step towards a greener world. They not only want to maintain their current certifications but to add more to their list. They plan to reduce their carbon footprint even further. Most recently they invested in a new energy-efficient manufacturing facility. The kitchen brand makes a promise to you and the planet. They want to ensure that every kitchen they deliver is a sustainable masterpiece.


Quality Kitchen Cabinetry made in Germany

Searching for quality kitchen cabinets? Bauformat sets the gold standard. The foundation of their excellence is their meticulous selection of materials. They use only the finest, high-quality materials to ensure high durability. Get a reliable kitchen due to a strong commitment to quality and focus on precision. German engineering and craftsmanship shine through in every detail.

To ensure long-lasting beauty, Bauformat incorporates scratch-resistant materials and anti-fingerprint options. Those make maintenance a breeze. And, to stay on the cutting edge, they continually provide product updates.

Commitment to precision

Bauformat's dedication to perfection is backed by decades of experience and precise engineering. Each cabinet is crafted with meticulous care, ensuring every detail is just right for you. It's this commitment to getting things spot on that makes them stand out.

Durable products

You can count on their kitchen cabinets as high-quality products. Using durable materials sourced from raw materials ensures quality. These cabinets are built to last. What's more, they use low & zero-emission materials, making them environmentally friendly. Consider them if you are looking for long-lasting, eco-conscious, high-quality kitchen solutions.

Individual solution

Find a fabulous kitchens tailored to your taste. They offer an individual solution designed for you. Do you search for a contemporary and clutter-free kitchen or a country kitchen style? NO worries, there is a solution. Your dream kitchen becomes a reality, reflecting your unique style and needs. Thanks to customization and a variety of material, color, and style choices.

Modular kitchens

Like many other German kitchen brands, Bauformat offers you modular kitchens. The system helps you to transform your vision of a personal dream kitchen into reality. A dedicated product team ensures a well-designed product suited to your needs. With their support, the company creates Innovative storage solutions and cabinet solutions. You can craft a perfect solution for your kitchen space with their offerings.

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Bauformat Cabinet Costs: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Bauformat cabinets range from $ 750 to $2,500 or more per linear foot. Keep in mind, that your material, cabinet choices as well as kitchen size will drive the costs. We discussed the factors that will impact your kitchen cabinet costs in our kitchen remodel cost guide.

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The good news is, that experts can help you value engineer your kitchen layout. This way you can save money while still achieving your dream design. Get in touch with a professional for accurate pricing. When conducting initial price estimates make sure that you are clear about what you want. Often times those estimates don't reflect the actual costs involved. Read: Kitchen Price Estimate vs. True Costs

Need help?

Worried about cost overruns or finding the right product that fits you budget? Independent kitchen design and specification services offered by Kitchen Design NYC help you. Steer clear of unexpected expenses and cost overruns. With expert guidance, you'll find the right products for your project. Those will meet your functional, design & financial needs. Reach out to learn how our Kitchen Designer can help you plan your project.

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