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Kitchen Renovation – What are the common kitchen remodel types?

Is your kitchen outdated? Are your appliances malfunctioning? Does your kitchen have insufficient storages space? There are many reasons for a kitchen renovation. As you can see there are many factors that motivate your kitchen reno. At the same time, you don't have to consider a full kitchen remodel at all times. You might wonder if there are ways to do a cheap kitchen remodel. Sometimes a view kitchen upgrades might be the right choice. There are many ways to redoing kitchen.

kitchen renovation with framed kitchen cabinetry with white tiles.
framed kitchen cabinetry

What this article covers

This article will discuss your options for your kitchen renovation. We will show you a way to determine how to choose the right project for your unique situation.


Kitchen renovation types

As you read up and research on kitchen renovation, you will soon notice many terms popping up. Kitchen makeovers, kitchen renovation, kitchen redesign, kitchen cabinet remodel and similar. All those terms are used. But what is a small kitchen remodel? When will your kitchen improvement become a full kitchen remodel?

Doe those questions sound familiar? Did your Architect or the friendly kitchen remodel designer talk about it? But you found yourself wondering what those terms mean? Don't worry. This confusion is understandable. Below you will find out more about the different renovation types.

What is the difference between Kitchen Renovation vs. Kitchen remodel vs. kitchen updating?

Kitchen renovation projects differ in complexity (scope) and duration of realization. A further distinctive factor are the associated kitchen renovation costs. Be aware that kitchen remodel costs are under your control. Thus, set clear budgets right from the start.

You can distinguish following kitchen renovation types:

  • Updating kitchen | small-scale

  • Kitchen renovation | mid-size

  • Kitchen remodeling | large-scale | full kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodel

In everyday life, you often use the terms kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovation. We often don't distinguish between them. But in reality, those terms mean different things. Kitchen remodel is the most complex form and will take you several months. You will also spend the highest amount of money with this project.

A full kitchen remodel means, that you will change the entire kitchen layout. This is not only limited to the kitchen layout. You might also consider architectural changes in your kitchen room. For instance, you transform your closed kitchen into an open kitchen. If you consider architectural changes, you will need an architect. You might need permits and follow several building codes.

By remodeling a kitchen, you change your kitchen layout or consider architectural changes. Structural, Electrical and Plumbing work may be necessary.

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Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation can take several months as well but will have a shorter turnaround time. The costs for a kitchen renovation tends to be lower as well. Such medium size kitchen remodel projects do not need architectural changes. Your kitchen room will remain the same. You will swap out the kitchen cabinetry, appliances, countertop, sink and faucet. Plumbing and electrical fittings will not change. After replacing your kitchen cabinets, everything will be in the same location.

With a kitchen renovation you will replace your old kitchen cabinetry. Once you finished everything will be in its old place.

Updating Kitchen

A kitchen update is also called a kitchen makeover. This easy kitchen remodel allows you upgrading cabinets and your kitchen with little effort. You can paint walls, replace flooring or even replace the countertop. You may consider replacing 1 or 2 appliances with more energy efficient appliances. Other aesthetic improvements include new handles, hinges or painting existing fronts. This will allow for a kitchen makeover on a budget. To keep kitchen makeover costs low you should update your kitchen on a regular basis. This will keep your kitchen up to date and save you money.

A kitchen makeover includes small aesthetic or functional improvements in your kitchen.


How to choose a suitable kitchen renovation type?

Each kitchen renovation type will help to improve your kitchen aesthetics and function. The time required to complete the renovation as well as the costs are the main differences. Thus, you should be clear about your kitchen renovation goals. This will help you to decide which type of kitchen renovation is best for you. It enables you to define the required scope of work better. You can share those with your kitchen Designer and kitchen contractor. They will be able to roughly estimate the costs based on them.

Set goals for your kitchen renovation

Before beginning a kitchen renovation project, be clear about your goals. What are you trying to do? Understanding your objectives helps you choose the best approach remodeling your kitchen.

Your goals may differ in your own home from a property you are renting out. Personal goals such as family planning or a house sale are important kitchen remodel considerations. In any case, you will need to consider the cost/benefit ratio and the length of the work involved.

Feel free to download this guide to help you setting your kitchen renovation goals

Guide - set kitchen design goals
Download PDF • 361KB

Define your kitchen renovation budget

Depending on the kitchen renovation type you have in mind the costs can vary. They can be anywhere between a couple thousand up to several hundred thousand Dollar. You want to be clear about your budget to so that your kitchen remodel will not leave a hole in your wallet.

Is your kitchen vision realistic?

If you don't want to get overwhelmed with bills you need to be honest with yourself. How much money are you willing to invest? You might even think about financing your kitchen renovation. There are many options you can consider. Take some time thinking about your financial situation and personal limits. Set your personal budget for your kitchen cabinet remodel.

Guide kitchen renovation costs

This brief guide will give you an idea of potential costs for your kitchen renovation. This guide will help you to determine whether your vision is realistic.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Updating


Full kitchen remodel

Mid-Size kitchen remodel

Small-size kitchen remodel | kitchen makeovers





Costs $***

90K +




6-12 month

6-12 month

a couple days / weeks


new kitchen layout and architectural floor plan possible

Kitchen layout remains.

small aesthetic and functional touch-ups

***Please Note: This table is ONLY intended to give you a rough idea. The costs of your kitchen renovation highly depend on your unique situation. There are many factors, that impact the kitchen renovation costs. If you want to learn more about kitchen renovation costs stay tuned for our next article.

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How long does it take to remodel my kitchen?

The length of your renovation depends on the kind of kitchen renovation you choose. You can complete minor kitchen makeovers quick. Those won't affect your daily life too much. But a kitchen remodel or kitchen renovation can take up to several month to complete. Expect anywhere between 6-12 month. Lead times as well as construction work impact the length. Your apartment might be partial under construction during that time.

Professional kitchen designers can help you coordinate and manage the project. They can help you to shorten the actual construction time. Coordinating trades will help to avoid unnecessary gaps.


Summary kitchen renovation

Before starting a renovation be clear about your goals and budget. Based on this you will be able to determine what kitchen renovation type is the best for you. Along with your budget this will help you to determine whether your vision is realistic. This article shows you how to set your goals and hands you a guide for average kitchen renovation costs. Yet consulting a kitchen design professional can support you along the way. In New York you can find kitchen professionals in your favorite kitchen showroom or here.

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