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Kitchen Designer NYC – Your Partner for your New York Kitchen Design

Your Trusted Kitchen Designer in New York. 

Curious about our expertise and who we are? Let's talk.

Our kitchen design journey and why we're the perfect fit for you.

Independent Kitchen Designer * In-Person Kitchen Design * Virtual Design
2 Decades of International Experience - High-End Residential Kitchen Design

Independent Kitchen Designer * In-Person Kitchen Design * Virtual Design
2 Decades of International Experience - High-End Residential Kitchen Design

About - Your trusted Kitchen Designer NYC 
& Independent Kitchen Specifier

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​Key Facts about your Kitchen Designer NYC:

  • Kitchen Designer with 2 decades

  • International Kitchen Design Experience in Germany, Belgium, France, Luxemburg and the United States

  • German kitchen Design

  • European kitchen Design

  • worked with brands such as:

bulthaup, Eggersmann, Alno, Almilmö, Rational, Snaidero, Ballerina, Schüller, Nolte, Nobilia, Bauformat and many more...

Background as a professional kitchen designer:

Born and raised in Germany I learned was trained in Kitchen Design in Germany. To date I offers almost 2 decades of international kitchen design experience. As a kitchen design pro, I conceptualized and managed successful many kitchen projects. Kitchen Design, as well as kitchen project management, are my specialties. My main focuses are German kitchens as well as European kitchen design. I have been working with bespoke kitchen brands such as

  • Alno,

  • Almilmö,

  • Rational,

  • Snaidero,

  • Ballerina,

  • Schüller,

  • Nolte,

  • Nobilia and many more.

My portfolio also includes luxury German kitchen brands such as Eggersmann and bulthaup.


Your Kitchen Design Pro believes...

understanding the owner's habits and needs is important when designing kitchens. It is the foundation of every good kitchen design. A good kitchen interior design should meet functional and aesthetic requirements. Every design should keep the user in mind!

Independent Kitchen Designer in New York

Previous Work -
Successful kitchen designs executed by your New York Kitchen Designer

Are you considering a Kitchen Designer NYC?
Why should you opt for our NYC Kitchen Designers?

Designing a kitchen is exciting and thrilling. On the downside, it can also be confusing, frustrating, and challenging.


Typical frustrations with DIY kitchen designs we see with homeowners:

  • frustration during research | lack of helpful information

  • overwhelmed by kitchen style and kitchen design choices

  • stuck with designing a functional kitchen layout

  • difficulties understanding the multi-layered and complex kitchen process

  • struggling to manage all trades involved in the kitchen design process

  • raising costs that exceed the original kitchen budget

Find out how your kitchen design professional NYC can help you overcome those struggles.

Benefits using a kitchen design pro

Kitchen Design Services - 
How does your New York Kitchen Design Expert support you?

& Kitchen Design Service

Researching the right fit for your kitchen can get frustrating. With many options available it is hard finding a kitchen that meets budget and design needs.


Our Kitchen Designers NYC will educate and consult you on your options to find the best fit.

New York Kitchen Design Project Management Service

Besides designing a functional and aesthetic kitchen managing the project can be time-consuming. An expert supporting you by taking the lead in project management eases the process.


Kitchen Designers New York handle your NYC kitchen project with experience.

Kitchen Design Service

You are looking for a 1 stop shop and full-Service Kitchen Design support? We will handle the entire project from material selection to design and management.


A new move-in ready German kitchen will be waiting for you.

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