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Kitchen Design NYC – Your Kitchen Design Company.

Kitchen Design NYC Your Trusted Kitchen Designer in Manhattan & Beyond.


struggling with your kitchen renovation?  

We get it, it's tough! But don't worry, we're here to help you through it!

Kitchen Design New York - Your Expert Kitchen Design Service. -

Modern German Kitchen Design NYC

We are not in the business of selling kitchens; we are kitchen design specialists. Think of it like an Interior Designer but focused on creating your perfect kitchen space.

Why should you consider an independent professional for your Kitchen projects in NYC?

A New York kitchen design project can be complex and time-consuming. Common challenges include feeling overwhelmed by available options and managing costs. Consider support from our professional kitchen specialists. We start by considering functional aspects before narrowing down options to specific suppliers. This leads to tailored, creative solutions within your budget and needs.

Services Kitchen Design NYC provides you...

No matter, if you are looking for a kitchen, remodel, or undergoing a new home construction. We as your kitchen design company support you along the way. No matter how far along you might be with your plans, we can help. Our Services cover all your needs. We offer help from the initial inspiration throughout the final walk-through. You decide how much support you need with your project.

How do our Kitchen Designer support you?

When choosing Kitchen Design NYC, you'll work with experienced NYC kitchen designers. We specialize in European and German kitchen design. Our focus is on luxury and high-quality kitchen brands. We offer decades of expertise in kitchen interior design. This allows us to ensure we meet your kitchen interior design needs.

Kitchen Design Specialist

Your Kitchen Designer will collaborate with you 1 on 1 to design your kitchen. Enjoy planning your kitchen with a professional while saving time and money. Your needs and wishes are the base of all kitchen design considerations.

Kitchen Designer NYc

Kitchen Budgeting
& Cost Control

Save money & control costs on your New York kitchen design project. Kitchen Design NYC will help you to avoid surprises and unnessecary costs.

Kitchen Designer working on a Kitchen Renovation project.
Kitchen Design Layout with the support of a professional kitchen Designer.

Online Kitchen Design

Enjoy the flexibility of remote Kitchen E-Design Services. Your Kitchen Designer will support you via Live- Online Meeting Tools. You can design your kitchen from the comfort of your home.

Online Kitchen Design session with a Kitchen Design Expert.

Find Inspiration - Kitchen style & design ideas!

& Kitchen Renovation Experiences Shared

Press Features 

Kitchen Design NYC feature in Apartmant guide

We were named a local expert on
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New York the Design City
The Mecca for your kitchen design


New York City is fascinating many people around the globe. The city is known as the city that does not sleep. It offers diversity, culture and impressive architecture. That's why New York City is so attractive to many of us. Thus, it is not a surprise, that it is a travel destination for many. At the same time, New York City is home over 8 million people.

Yellow cabs, skyscraper and umbrella street food vendors shape the urban scene. You should consider visiting and exploring the rich interior design scene as well. New Yorks distinct interior design districts attracts a lot of interior design lovers.

Skyline of New York City

Mecca for design lovers

The 5 city boroughs are home to a broad selection of interior design businesses. Particularly Manhattan is a popular place to seek inspiration. Soho and Tribeca are the cities design districts. You should also consider visiting the New York Design Center, the A&D and D&D building. You’ll see anything from home furnishings, rugs and lighting to kitchen cabinetry.

kitchen design nyc - Soho the design district in NYC

Kitchen Design New York City

You will find a lot of kitchen design ideas in NYC. No wish remains unfulfilled. You will find all Kitchen Styles and Kitchen Designs. Kitchen Interior Design options are available for all budgets for you.

Get inspired by kitchen design trends from around the world. There are various kitchen brands on display. Next to popular German kitchen brands you will find Italian brands as well as US brands. Designing your new kitchen is a fun project. At the same time, New York City can be challenging when realizing your kitchen design NYC plans.

Kitchen Design know how

When starting your kitchen design project in NYC you should learn about its pitfalls. You need to follow national and local building codes as well as building regulations. All those affect your kitchen design project in NYC. You will find the latest local building codes on

On top of those requirements, tiny kitchen spaces influence the kitchen design. Finding the perfect kitchen layout can be difficult. You should consider kitchen design principles and kitchen ergonomics designing your kitchen.

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Kitchen Styles and Kitchen Types

Plus, you want to find the perfect kitchen material choice for your kitchen design. There are different kitchen materials available. All kitchen materials come with their characteristics. This can make it difficult for you to choose. A kitchen design pro or kitchen material guide can support you.


NYC Kitchen showrooms provide you with an overview of available kitchen styles. Browsing them can give you a clear idea of what kitchen style you prefer. You will also find inspiration on their home pages and on social media. You can admire completed New York City kitchen design projects.

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Kitchen appliances and Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen appliances and kitchen accessories are important in your kitchen design. They will determine the needed cabinetry housing space. Plus, you will have to follow their electrical and plumbing requirements. Your kitchen designer should be aware of your preferences. Appliances will set the path for the rest of the kitchen design. That's why you should consult your kitchen designer before buying them.

The A&D building is the home of many appliances and accessories brands. You can visit them and explore your options before making a decision.

kitchen design NYC- your kitchen brands


When it comes to kitchen interior design in NYC you can find everything you need. Kitchen cabinetry, kitchen appliances, kitchen countertops, kitchen fixtures, and kitchen lighting. The diverse and rich kitchen market showcases the best kitchen cabinetry brands worldwide. In New York City you can visit many flagship stores of your favorite kitchen brands.

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