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Balancing Act: Considerations for Oven Next to Fridge Arrangement

Bosch wall oven next to a Gaggenau 400-series oven
Bosch wall oven

Oven next to Fridge - Possible or Not? Uncover the Possibility of a Wall Oven Beside a Fridge.

When planning a stunning kitchen, the strategic placement of kitchen appliances is key. Exploring alternative kitchen layouts many homeowners find themselves wondering about the oven placement. Are you also curious about the feasibility of having a wall oven beside a fridge? Good news: The answer is yes and no! There are some crucial considerations to make. In this post, we will discuss in depth what to look out for.

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Oven Jargon:  Clarifying Oven Types with Simple Words

The heat transfer and the amounts of heat generated determine you can place them next to your fridge. To decide if it is safe to place them next to each other you need to understand the type of oven you have. Let's break it down without the kitchen jargon:

Oven Styles:

There are two main types - free-standing ranges and built-in wall ovens. But what is the difference? Ranges are versatile stand-alone cooking appliances. They combine ovens and cooktops in one. Built-in ovens are solo artists on your kitchen wall. You will need a kitchen cabinet, also called a housing unit, to install them. Built-in Wall Ovens create a sleek look in your kitchen.

Wall Ovens - Oven Model Options:

From single ovens to double ovens, or a combo of a single oven with a microwave or steamer - you've got options. Those units are usually placed in a tall housing unit next to the refrigerator. When opting for this solution allow for a separate kitchen unit as a housing unit for your cooktop. 

Range cookers:

Range cookers and Range Tops come with a deeper front face. They sit on top of a kitchen cabinet. A typical range cooker runs on gas. 

Cooktops & Stoves:

If you aim for a sleeker look or work with wall ovens you need to allow for a stove or cooktop. Those units sit on top of your countertop. You will find many gas stove and gas cooktop options in different sizes. Electric stove options include induction and electric cooktops. While you will find gas stoves as well as electric stoves.We discuss the differences between induction and gas in depth in our latest blog post. Induction vs Gas Stove - What's Best for Your NYC Kitchen? [BUYERS-GUIDE]


Oven next to Fridge: 3 Essential Planning Tips

Always check the manuals for specific guidance from the manufacturer's installation instructions. This is an essential step when placing your oven next to the fridge freezer. They outline critical considerations, instructions, and recommendations, including planning restrictions and ventilation requirements. Here is what to look out for:


Ensure both appliances have proper ventilation. Keep in mind: every appliance is unique and has its requirements. Read through the manufacturer's installation requirements carefully. You may need to allow a bit of space for air circulation to prevent overheating.  Yet, be sure to read the specific instructions on the space needed.

Heat Source:

Be mindful of the oven's heat. Most modern appliances come with a low energy consumption. The added Insulation not only reduces the transfer of heat but reduces your energy bills. The heat shield created by the insulation materials allows you to place an electric oven next to a modern fridge. Yet, most gas-fueled ranges and gas ovens generate more heat than their electric-powered counterparts. Open flames or higher internal temperatures may affect your fridge efficiency. Some appliance brands ask for a heat deflector kit to redirect or disperse the heat. It will enhance safety.

Space Planning - Appliance Dimensions Dictate your Kitchen Layout:

Allow for easy access to both appliances. Avoid any obstructions in your kitchen layout. The fridge doors as well as the oven should open without any collision. Study opening angles, handles, and appliance dimensions. Modern appliances such as integrated fridges create a modern look. Further, the flush installation of the paneled fridges reduces the risk of collisions. Freestanding Fridge Freezer combinations or ranges stand out proudly from your cabinetry. When opting for those ensure adequate clearance. Further, ensure functionality and optimal cooking flow when planning a range, range top, or other cooking surfaces. Consider adding some counter space as a landing zone with storage space below for a convenient cooking experience. Allow 12 - 20 inch distance between the units as a minimum distance. Adequate landing spaces will enhance your workflow and ensure the perfect kitchen set up.



Can a stove and refrigerator be side by side?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Yet, it is safe to say, that it is possible to place a refrigerator next to your oven under the right circumstances. Consider the following factors to ensure you do not compromise efficiency or functionality.

  • What is your oven type? Are you considering a wall oven or freestanding unit?

  • How is it powered? Is your oven or range powered by gas or electricity?

  • Are there any space planning constraints? What are your appliance dimensions and planning constraints?

Expert Tip:

Be clear about your kitchen goals. It is advisable to plan your kitchen layout before purchasing any appliances. Consider hiring a professional kitchen designer and consult them about your plans and perfect space. They can support you with your kitchen design and bring your dreams to life.



Do you need help?

Are you working with a cramped space? Do you seek an amazing kitchen that makes us of each millimeter of space available? Or are you just overwhelmed with questions like discussed in this post? Our professional kitchen designers are here to help you create the perfect space. Our kitchen design services support you with your kitchen renovation finish. Reach out to us and get a free consultation today!




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