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Kitchen Design Service NYC- Your Kitchen, Your Way!

Let's Kickstart Your New Kitchen with Expert Kitchen Design Services!

Overwhelmed by kitchen choices, stressing over costs and mistakes, and dreading the kitchen renovation process?

Don't give up on your new kitchen just yet, we've got your back!

Virtual & In Person Kitchen Design Service.

 Independent Kitchen Specifier.  

Your Trusted Kitchen Design Services.

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Lost in kitchen design? We've got you! Whether building, renovating, or remodeling, co-create your dream kitchen with us.
No more mistakes—affordable, efficient, and stress-free solutions!

Kitchen Design Services by Kitchen Design NYC
Consultation, Design, Specification & More

You decide how much support you need. Kitchen Design Service NYC offers you a broad range of Kitchen Design Services. Talk to your personal kitchen designer to determine how much help you need. Change the scope of work needed at any time.  

Kitchen cost estimate vs. real-life costs

When considering a new kitchen, staying on budget can be a challenge. You may start your project by looking for a rough budget estimation to get a starting point. Yet, those numbers often change upwards during the kitchen planning process. The reasons for this can be diverse. Layout/material changes or unaccounted components in the estimation can rise costs. Those can derail your project. Many homeowners have encountered this challenge. Often resulting in costs exceeding initial cost estimations by 30% or more. A phenomenon well known by homeowners gone through a kitchen design project and discussed and described in many design blogs and forums. 


How Kitchen Design NYC can help you!


With our expertise, we can help you create a more comprehensive and accurate budget. Starting point are your qualitative and functional requirements along with your aesthetic wishes. Specifying your needs will help you to receive the most accurate estimations. Additionally, we guide you through the selection process. This way you will get a clear idea of what your kitchen will cost and if your budget can get you the kitchen of your dreams. Further, we will help you find cost-saving measures. For example, reusing items or selecting more affordable options. This way you can lower your costs without sacrificing quality or design.

Kitche Desgn Consultation
Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Design Consultation

Kitchen Design Consultations can include generic topics and more in-depth Questions. Tell us what kind of support you need and take advantage of our strong experience in the Kitchen Industry. 

Overview Kitchen Design Consultation offerings:

  • Consultation generic kitchen project topics

  • Needs and goal assessment

  • Overview of market offerings

  • Consultation on materials & material qualities

Consultation on generic Kitchen Design Topics

Your kitchen designer will guide you on general questions about your kitchen project. Questions such as,

  • How do you get started with your project?

  • What do you need to get started?

  • What trades will be involved in your project?

  • What are the pitfalls during a kitchen remodel?

are addressed and discussed to get you started.

In-depth personal situation kitchen design consultation

You will walk through a needs assessment with our kitchen designers in NYC. This way the designer gets a clear understanding of your design preferences. Further, he will get insights into your needs, wishes, and future aspirations.

By understanding you better he can consult you on:

  • Kitchen brands that may suit your design preferences and budget

  • Kitchen Materials that meet your quality and design requirements

Kitche Desgn Consultation
Doing the Dishes

Kitchen Design &
Kitchen Planning Service

Our NY kitchen design service will support you in designing your kitchen. We are happy to help no matter if you are designing a new kitchen or are considering a kitchen remodel. You can take advantage of all Kitchen Design Services or request kitchen design only.

Overview Kitchen Planning & Kitchen Design Service NYC

  • Support Designing a functional kitchen layout

  • Developing 3D - Request Kitchen Renderings

  • Support selecting Kitchen Appliances

  • Support selecting Kitchen Materials & Kitchen Accessories

Support Designing a functional kitchen layout

Decades of experience help you to find the perfect kitchen interior design solution. No matter the shape or size of your kitchen room we will help you find a functional kitchen layout. The goal is to provide you with a functional and efficient kitchen that adapts to your workflows. Another important consideration while designing your kitchen is ergonomic precision. You should have your kitchen tailored to your body height.

View your kitchen in 3D - Request Kitchen Renderings

We develop your kitchen design plans in 2D. You will receive a kitchen floor plan and elevations with the necessary dimensions. We are happy to produce 3D Renderings on request as well. We recommend requesting Renderings once you selected materials and colors. This way you can keep the costs for your kitchen rendering small.

Selecting Kitchen Appliances

Selecting the appliances is a major step toward your new kitchen layout. The appliance selection will determine a lot of details in your kitchen layout. You need to consider many appliance-specific technical planning details. Consulting your kitchen designer before purchasing your appliances can avoid frustrations. Our NYC kitchen design service offers support in selecting your appliances.

Selecting Kitchen Materials & Kitchen Accessories

Your NYC kitchen designers will also help you choose kitchen materials. They should meet your kitchen design, quality, and budget requirements. Further, they can assist you to select your kitchen sink, faucet, and kitchen lighting.

Kitche Desgn Consultation
Kitchen Remodeling in New York

Kitchen Project Management

Our Kitchen Design Service NY also offers you to take care of handling your kitchen project. You can receive support collecting offers, preparing mechanical drawings, and more.

Overview Kitchen Project Management Services

  • Collect kitchen quotations*

  • Support selecting kitchen retailer quotes

  • Prepare mechanical kitchen drawings**

  • Job Site inspections***

  • Oversee kitchen installation***

Collect kitchen quotations *

We will collect budget estimates for your kitchen from your preferred vendors. By submitting detailed kitchen plans you will receive the best possible cost estimation. We will make sure you will get quotes for all needed kitchen components. Those include kitchen cabinetry, appliances, countertop, faucet, sink, and lighting. Note, that changes made post-budget estimation result in change orders and extra costs.

Support selecting kitchen retailer quotes

Our kitchen design professional will collect the estimates and prepare a cost overview. This way you will be able to get a better idea of your costs. You can compare the different offers and make an educated decision.


Prepare mechanical kitchen drawings**

Your general contractor will need a mechanical kitchen plan. This plan will show him the electrical lines as well as the plumbing required. Our Kitchen Design Service NY offers the execution of those plans. Your general contractor will also receive a package with appliance specifications.


Job Site inspections***

Time-to-time job site inspections ensure the smooth progress of your kitchen project. Our kitchen designer will oversee the progress and accuracy. They will work closely with your general contractor to ensure job site readiness.


Oversee Kitchen Installation ***

Overseeing ongoing kitchen installation is another part of our design services in NYC. We will check in with your kitchen installer to ensure the highest quality standards. Once the kitchen installation is complete, we will meet you for a final walk-through.

*Consult your Architect for related costs such as room preparation, aesthetic changes, and permits.

**Please note, mechanical drawings are only a guideline for your contractor. Kitchen Design NYC is not legally responsible for accuracy. Your contractor is responsible for compliance with local and national building codes.

*** Ask for availability in your location. This Service requires a physical presence on your job site.

Full-Service Option
by Kitchen Design Services NYC

Are you looking for a kitchen design professional that takes care of your kitchen project from start to finish? No matter if you are designing a kitchen for a new home or kitchen remodel in New York. Kitchen Design NYC is your Kitchen Expert!

Concierge Service

As part of this concierge experience, we oversee the entire kitchen project from start to finish. Depending on the location of your project some Kitchen Design Services may be limited. Talk to your kitchen designer about your options.

Kitchen Design NYC's concierge service is an all-around feel-good package. Your kitchen planner takes care of planning, designing and organizing your kitchen project. We oversee and manage your kitchen project from start to finish. Share your vision, ideas, and budget with us, and we take care of the rest. You determine your level of involvement in the kitchen design process.


Kitchen Design Services NYC - Services included into the concierge package:


  • Kitchen Design Consultation

  • Kitchen Design & Kitchen Planning Services

  • Kitchen Project Management

Small white Kitchen remodel by Kitchen Design Services NYC

Remote Kitchen Design Services
for everyone outside of NYC

Kitchen Design Services NYC are also available as a remote Service. Online kitchen design is not only convenient it also provides access to your New York kitchen design specialist even out of town.

Designer & Kitchen buyer talking during online kitchen design Service Meeting

Online Kitchen Design Services

Welcome to our online kitchen design services! You are not located in New York? Or do you like the idea of planning the kitchen from the convenience of your home? We get it. Commuting to your kitchen designer can be stressful, especially in a busy city like NYC. Our remote kitchen services are not only convenient for people with busy schedules. Our remote kitchen designers are here to help! With our support, you design your dream kitchen from the comfort of your own home.


How does it work?

You'll create a beautiful and functional space with our online kitchen design service. It will meet your specific needs and style.

Our experienced online kitchen designer is here to help. We work with you to understand your vision, budget, and timeline. You can experiment with different layouts and finishes. Our best online kitchen planner supports and consults you along the way. Once we laid out all the details, we start gathering your kitchen design quotes online. This way you get a clear idea of what you need before committing to a contractor or cabinet maker.


Designing a kitchen online has never been easier!

Are you looking for kitchen design help online? Or do you want to take on the project yourself? We have the tools and expertise to guide you through the process. Our online kitchen design services offer a range of options. You can take advantage of basic design consultations or more comprehensive support.


Benefits of kitchen design services online.

You’ll enjoy the convenience of remote kitchen design without sacrificing quality. With almost 2 decades of expertise, we take pride in delivering exceptional results. Get access to our experts from anywhere. Take advantage no matter where you are. Transform your space with the best online kitchen design services.

Contact us today to get started on your online kitchen remodel. Discover the endless possibilities for your new kitchen with us!

Finished project with
Kitchen Design Services NYC

Browse through our gallery of finished projects executed by Kitchen Design Services NYC.

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