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Save Big on German Kitchen: FORM Kitchens Offers 40% Less Than In-Store Prices [+ NEWS 2024]

Kitchen with island from Nobilia kitchen
Credit: Nobilia | Riva

FORM Kitchens. High-Quality German Kitchen Cabinets without the showroom markup. Save today!

Want to cut costs on a German kitchen while maintaining top-notch quality? Look no further! FORM is here to offer you the perfect solution.  Experience high-end kitchens without breaking the bank, thanks to budget-friendly prices. Skip the showroom markup and pocket the cost savings by opting for online purchase of your kitchen cabinets online.

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What Are FORM Kitchens?

Danny Soos & Tom Sherman are the Co-Founders @ FORM Kitchens. They reimagined the traditional way of how you buy your kitchen. With FORM you can say goodbye to inflated showroom prices. They offer a 100% Online Kitchen Design Service. Expert teams create outstanding kitchen designs with their online service.

FORM Products: What are my cabinetry choices?

The Online Retailer offers top-quality Cabinets from Nobilia. The brand is one of the largest kitchen manufacturers in Europe. German kitchen brands are known for their high quality and are considered to be the best kitchens on the market.

Selected Premium Kitchen Design Options Just for You

FORM offers a wide selection of colors, handles, and door panel styles. You can completely personalize your kitchen. Utilize the adaptable modular system to create a functional kitchen in any available space. You can achieve any layout and find a good solution for any kitchen size, whether it's small, medium, or large. Discover their storage options and cool drawer inserts to keep things neat. To learn more about your design options browse through: Nobilia - Products, Quality & Costs.

Credit: Nobilia


Material Matters: A Closer Look at the Building Blocks of FORM Kitchens

The kitchens are made from earth-friendly kitchen cabinet materials like other European kitchen brands. FORM Kitchens from Nobilia use high-grade particle boards for their bespoke kitchen. American kitchen cabinet brands adopt a different approach to kitchen manufacturing. They often use Plywood materials for custom kitchens instead of high-quality particle boards. Furniture board often faces skepticism in the US. Yet, it is crucial that you understand the differences between the materials. Discover which one suits your needs best in our post: Plywood vs. Particle Board Cabinets.


Spotlight: FORM vs. Ikea

While searching for your dream kitchen you may have come across IKEA as well. Yet, what is the difference between FORM & the renowned giant? Both offer you quality kitchen cabinets with an affordable price tag. We want to highlight the main differences & advantages of the 2 brands. Continue reading to find your perfect kitchen fit!




1. Cost Effective: IKEA kitchen cabinet prices generally tend to be more budget-friendly compared to FORM.

2. DIY Flexibility: You can save money with a DIY approach from Design to Installation. You are in charge. The cabinets are ready-to-assemble options and require a hands-on approach.

3. Quick availability: The products are available in-store and online. This provides a fast-buying experience.

1. Customization: FORM provides made-to-order solutions. Design a kitchen that fits your needs and preferences.

2. Premium Quality: You will get durable and long-lasting cabinets. The brand uses high-quality materials and craftsmanship for its fully assembled cabinets.

3. Expert Guidance: Expert teams provide personalized design help. They handle the entire process, ensuring a seamless and professional experience.


1. Limited Customization: Pre-designed options may lack the level of customization that you desire.

2. Assembly Complexity: While DIY can save money, assembling IKEA products may be challenging. It requires time and effort.

1. Higher Cost: Premium quality and customization may result in higher prices.

2. Longer Lead Times: You may wait longer for Made-to-order compared to stock options.


Where To Buy FORM Kitchen Cabinets?

To buy FORM kitchen cabinets, visit their online store. They offer an easy-to-use online design service with video consultations. With their expert help, you can create a beautiful custom kitchen design that fits your needs. While their physical Form Showroom location in NYC has closed, you can still visit them in San Francisco. The entire kitchen design process and design consultation will be remote. Here is how you get to your brand-new kitchen with FORM.

How does it work? | 4-Step Kitchen Design Process

Introducing the 4-Step Kitchen Design Process. From initial design consultation, and personalized design to material selection and seamless installation. This is how your dream kitchen becomes a reality @ FORM.




01 Meet


60 min Video Call (Meet your dedicated designer | Discuss Lifestyle & Design wishes | Share project details |Discuss Budget | Receive price estimate | Lead Times | Discuss next steps)

Preparations: Upload Architectural Plans & Complete Questionnaire

02 Design

$ 299


Design Proposition & Price Estimation: (2-4 weeks) (1 hour presentation with experienced FORM designer | receive 3 full-size Form product samples | photorealistic initial renderings | access to FORM dashboard)

03 Refine

$ 1,999

includes US shipping

Finalizing plans, Shop drawings & Quote: (Includes 3 Revisions (199$ for extra revisions/each) | Option to add additional room | Detailed kitchen plans with itemized pricing | Photorealistic renderings | Double-check Measurements with your contractor)

04 Order

Balance Payment

Order, Manufacturing & Shipping: (Guaranteed delivery dates | Fully assembled cabinetry with hardware | 25 Year Manufacturing Warranty | Order Status check call | Pre-Installation Call | Installation support | photorealistic visuals)


How long does a Kitchen Design with FORM take?

The lead time depends on factors like your location, project scope, & designer availability. On average, expect 12-18 weeks after the down payment for the complete process. This includes 2-3 weeks for the factory to check your order. Note, that this does not include the Design Phase. For a more realistic timeframe add 6 - 10 weeks for the Designer Collaboration.

Process & Timeline to design & receive a FORM kitchen from Start to Finish
Timeline to plan & receive a FORM kitchen


How much does a FORM Kitchen Cost

FORM cabinetry costs vary depending on your kitchen size, design features & material selection. The costs start at $15,000 to $20,000 and can go up to $40,000 or more. Please be aware, that the costs provided by the company do not include the following:

  • Installation,

  • Appliances,

  • Sink & faucet,

  • Lighting,

  • Countertops.

Depending on your project there might be other costs you need to be aware of. The scope of work necessary depends on your kitchen remodel type. Learn more about Kitchen remodel costs & Kitchen Remodel Types here:

FORM Kitchen Cabinet Cost Breakdown and Overview
Kitchen Cost Breakdown & Overview**

** Note, that this is only a guideline and does not reflect true costs. Request a quote from FORM to get an accurate price estimation for your kitchen project.


Reviews: What do others say about FORM Kitchens?

FORM Kitchens takes pride in providing fair-minded customer service, prioritizing customer satisfaction. Customers report positive experiences with the Design Team and their support. While some delays may occur, the product quality meets expectations. Professional installation with experience is recommended for optimal results. ***


Online Reviews found on HOUZZ threat ***

Expert Designer |

Design Team

Mixed reviews about Professional Designers & Design Phase

"Lindsay Herlinger: Our designer was wonderful to work with, she listened to what I wanted and took my sketch I had drawn and turned it into a fabulous design." "Thi Le: Form’s kitchen designer was great to work with and their renderings are fantastic." " cortensteeIny: We've never heard from her since. (She seemed lovely and professional in the online meeting.) I messaged her a couple of times and her replies were beyond perfunctory. She's never checked in with me to say she's busy. We've never received an update. We don't chase people or make demands. We like to let people show who they are.

Manufacturing phase

Lead times are sometimes longer than communicated.

" Iherl: The timeline they provided us was not realistic at all. We were lead to believe it would be roughly 3-4 months and we're at 12 months from our initial consult and we still have no eta on all of our kitchen cabinets, perhaps April which would put us at 14 months." "Tamsin Regan: We locked in our order from Form in December, and are still waiting for the factory to confirm our order now nearly 2 months later. We are cautiously optimistic that the order will be confirmed soon - but the delays seem immense currently with Form."

Installation process

Pre-assembled cabinets make installation easy yet you will need a Contractor with Experience in German cabinetry

" Samantha Banowetz: I don't have a local GC, ours really struggled and I was constantly checking and on top of them to make sure everything was installed correctly."

Excellent Customer Service

Customer Service overall good | Responsive & Fair-minded

" Iherl: With that said Form Kitchens went above and beyond to make sure we were happy customers at the end of the day. They refunded our project 100% (who does that!) & continued to answer our calls and emails afterwards, and were friendly in doing so."

​Competitive Prices

Cabinetry Costs Only | Appliances not included, yet support choosing the right models.

" Samantha Banowetz: The appliances themselves aren't included in the price, but FORM can/will make suggestions if you need help picking appliances."

Guarantee Delivery

Long Lead Times | Punch List & Replacement Orders | Poor communication on Timeline

" Lindsay Herlinger: We ended up received a full refund for the kitchen cabinets and almost a full refund for the living room, which softened the experience. Honestly, I would have rather paid full price somewhere else and have received my cabinets in a more timely manner and not had all of these headaches."

Product Quality

Only one showroom in San Francisco | Quality cannot be inspected as easily unlike other products on the market.

" Seung Chan Lim: That's the two I'm going back-and-forth on. Just nervous going with the FORM since I've seen Snaidero first-hand and can see that it is high quality. For FORM, I cannot."

The quality conviences.

" Thi Le: The drawers are all soft close and I love it."

***Kindly note that the reviews provided above are a selection of opinions found on the web. For a comprehensive understanding, we encourage conducting your own research. The table may not encompass every experience, as individual interactions with the company are subjective. It's important to form your own opinion, as experiences with any company can vary. We want to clarify that we are not responsible for the accuracy of this representation; it solely reflects a collection of online reviews.


FORM Latest News & Updates [2024]

Responding to customer success in the United States, Form is ready for the next step. They make buying kitchen cabinets online simpler and bring it to the next level. The Kitchen Pros noticed a big demand for more than cabinets. They're gearing up to offer you a 1-stop shop solution. To cover all your kitchen remodeling needs they are teaming up with several brands. Those include Ceasarstone, JennAir, Stuga, Fireclay Tile, and Back Drop.

Showroom News Flash: Denver, prepare yourself!

FORM Kitchen will open up a new kitchen showroom in 2024. Although they're an online retailer, they get that you might want to check out the cabinets in person. So, in 2024, they're opening a new retail spot in Denver, adding to the kitchen showrooms in New York and San Francisco. Hoping to expand even further to make sure your nearest showroom will only be a short ride away!


Ready to create your dream kitchen? As your independent Kitchen designer & specifier, I offer personalized Kitchen Design Services. For out-of-state kitchen enthusiasts consider Online Kitchen Design. Let's work together to bring your vision to life. Reach out today and let's start designing your perfect kitchen! Contact me for a consultation and let the kitchen transformation begin.


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