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ABC's of Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online - Helpful Tips for Smart Kitchen Moves [Guide]

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Buying Kitchen Cabinets Online

Kitchen Cabinets Online - Your Options, Useful Tips & Knowledge for an informed decision.

Looking for an inexpensive option for your dream kitchen? Think online! Discover affordable prices on wholesale cabinets without compromising on a quality cabinet. Build your entire kitchen hassle-free. Explore popular styles and take advantage of free kitchen design services. Online shopping cuts down overhead costs, offering a wide range of affordable cabinets. It's the perfect option to craft a functional kitchen on a budget. Do not compromise on high-quality cabinet options. Elevate your space without breaking the bank! Learn about your options and get useful tips to make your kitchen a reality.

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Why should you consider shopping online for your kitchen cabinets?

Ready to get started on your kitchen project with a click? Shopping online is the perfect option for homeowners to create their dream kitchen cabinetry on a budget. You can enjoy affordable prices on wholesale cabinets without compromising on quality. Design your online kitchen cabinets using various popular styles and cabinet materials. Many online stores offer you free kitchen design services to envision your space. Online choices mean lower overhead costs. They don't need to rent expensive retail space, unlike local Cabinet retailers. This way, they can offer you a wide range of affordable cabinets at lower cabinet costs. This flexibility allows you to craft a functional kitchen with inexpensive cabinets. Take advantage of many affordable, high-quality cabinet options. Enjoy discount cabinets below wholesale prices and start your entire process for your remodel online.



Exploring the Online Marketplace: Types of Stores, Cabinet Quality, and Service

Dive into the world of online retailers for your cabinet box options and needs. Here are some known Online Stores that offer you with significant savings. This list is not exhausted but will give you an overview of online cabinet companies. Such include, Kitchen Cabinet King, RTA Cabinet Store, Cabinet Select, Clique Studio and FORM kitchens.

Whether you're looking for American-made or imported kitchen products, the options are abundant. Do you prefer pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble cabinets? You have the flexibility to design your kitchen with a diverse range of styles. Many dealers provide refundable samples and complimentary kitchen design services. Others offer more comprehensive solutions. When selecting your dealer, it's essential to research factors such as:

  • cabinet types,

  • style options & quality products,

  • cabinet origin,

  • and service offerings.

These factors will significantly impact your cabinet costs as well as delivery times. Make an informed choice that aligns with your preferences and kitchen design needs.

Nobilia Kitchen from FORM kitchen
Credit: Nobilia

Nobilia kitchen online from FORM 


Cabinet Types & Cabinet Assembly

Online Retailers offer you a wide range of cabinet types. Choose from their Stock cabinetry. Do you prefer RTA Kitchen Cabinets or pre-assembled kitchen cabinets? If you are on a tight budget, choose ready-to-assemble cabinets. Pre-assembled cabinets will make your kitchen installation easier but will be more costly. Consider your financial constraints and Installation experience when choosing your perfect cabinets. If you need something more customized, you may be interested in Semi-custom cabinet options. Yet, be prepared to pay more for custom kitchen cabinets. Considering those points will ensure a smooth kitchen remodeling project.

To learn more about the different style cabinets read our blog post: Kitchen Cabinet Types



Wide Variety of Cabinet Styles 

Research the cabinet system offered by the retailer. How wide is the cabinet range? Which cabinet sizes and cabinet door styles do they offer? Are you looking for a modern kitchen with white cabinets or something more unique? What are the cabinet storage options? This is a relevant question especially if you have unique design wishes. Perhaps your space requires creative custom options and solutions. Make sure the offerings meet your dream kitchen remodel needs.



Cabinet Quality

This is the tricky part for cabinet purchasers. You see the pictures of a beautiful kitchen online but you wonder if it is a durable cabinet. How do you know if it is a cheap cabinet solution or a durable construction? This is one of the major downsides of buying cabinets online. In most cases, you cannot inspect the cabinetry in person unless they have a physical storefront.

The construction method is important for durability. A couple of cabinetry solutions include:

  • all-plywood cabinet box or plywood construction

  • Particle Board construction.

The material is not the only factor to consider for custom cabinet quality. The cabinet manufacturing standards and craftsmanship are further characteristics of quality cabinetry. You can inspect the material thickness and cabinet joint for example. Another good indicator is the provided warranty. Do they offer a limited lifetime warranty, 5-year warranty or only 1? Read our blog post about Particle board vs. Plywood to learn more about the materials.


Cabinet Origin

Cabinet brands manufacture beautiful cabinets all around the world. Thus, it is no surprise that you find affordable kitchen cabinets online. You will find US-based kitchen brands as well as Chinese and German Kitchen Imports. The cabinet origin impacts the box cabinet pricing. You will find cabinets in stock ready to deliver as well as custom order cabinetry at the factory. This will not only impact the price point but also your delivery time. Do you need your cabinets within days, weeks, or month? Depending on the shipping method the delivery can take 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks or even 6-8 weeks onwards.


Customer Service Offerings

Your remodeling experience depends on your existing experience. Make sure the customer service offerings match your needs. Most places offer free-shipping, a refundable cabinet door sample, and kitchen design services. Here are a couple of points to consider for a beautiful kitchen layout:

Design Service: Make sure the customer support staff and cabinet designer are up to speed. If this is your first kitchen project, you may need more support to guide you through the design process. It is a complex process from start to finish.

Kitchen Measurements: Does the company work with the measurements you provided? Or do they send out their cabinet professionals to take accurate measurements?

Installation: The kitchen cabinet type will impact the complexity of your installation. Consider your own experience. Are you able to assemble flat-pack cabinets or do you prefer pre-assembled? Optional you can hire a contractor to take care of the installation. Some Stores provide you with cabinet kits or a cabinet assembly guide. More comprehensive companies offer you a professional cabinet installation solution. Consider your needs.

Make sure to consider your expertise, available time, and abilities. Paying someone to take accurate kitchen measurements can avoid costly planning errors. Further, consider taking advantage of installation services to save you time and headaches.


Tips to make the right choice for your online kitchen cabinet purchase

Consider your experience, style, timeline, budget, and needs. Read customer reviews and explore the retailer's reputation. Choose wisely for a perfect online kitchen cabinet purchase.

Complete Remodeling Experience

A kitchen renovation is a complicated process. Make sure to consider your expertise and experience. The biggest issues homeowners face are costly product planning errors and additional time spent on fixing problems. Make sure to surround yourself with a design team and utilize the combined experience. 

Financial constraints

Your monetary constraints for the whole remodeling process impact the choice for cabinetry. The desire for inexpensive cabinets makes us consider an online order. Yet, you will find different cabinet qualities and types which impact the costs. Pick ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets or wholesale RTA Kitchen Cabinets for even more savings. Custom or semi-custom all-wood cabinets will be the most expensive solution.

Design wishes and needs

Are you looking for all the bells and whistles? You may need to consider cabinet lines that offer you custom cabinetry solutions. Custom cabinetry can offer you unique cabinet accessories and custom panel cabinets. If you are planning a more standard layout with regular kitchen cabinet doors, you can save some $$$.

Brands / Online Retailer Reputation

Make sure the brand has good customer reviews. Research online to learn more about customer care professionals and support. Is there a direct customer service contact or can't you reach their support. Exceptional customer service is important, especially with an online purchase.

Need support?

Overwhelmed with kitchen renovation choices? No worries, Kitchen Design NYC is here to guide you. Our professional designers simplify the process with our kitchen design services. Let's transform your kitchen dreams into reality together. Schedule a consultation now and let the journey begin!


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