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Nobilia - Products, Quality & Costs

When looking for a kitchen that combines style and functionality, consider Nobilia. This article will take a deep dive into their offering, quality, and costs. They offer a wide variety of different kitchen styles for many budgets. No matter if you are looking for a sleek contemporary design, modern or even traditional. So, whether you're a homeowner, architect, or interior designer, read on. You will find out why Nobilia cabinets are a top choice for those who demand the best.

Modern kitchen with a smooth matt lacquer surface in combination with wood. The island is exteded with a table to seat  people.
Easytouch | Credit: Nobilia

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Nobilia the biggest kitchen manufacturer in Europe

Nobilia is a leading German kitchen brand. They create exceptional and innovative kitchens for more than 75 years. With a rich history, the brand has become the largest kitchen manufacturer in Europe. The kitchen brand is recognized for its contemporary and practical designs.

Here are some essential facts about the German kitchen brand:

  • Daily production of more than 2,700 kitchens, while offering a vast range of styles and finishes.

  • Their material offerings fit every budget and personal style.

  • State-of-the-art technology and premium materials ensure high-quality standards.

  • All products are "Made in Germany".

  • Sustainability is at the forefront of the company's values. They use eco materials and processes.

When considering the brand's kitchen for your home, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons.



Pros to consider a Nobilia Kitchen for a Kitchen Project in the US


Sustainable Conscious Production & Brand

The kitchen manufacturer commits to sustainability. They make environmentally friendly decisions in their production process. They use renewable energy and recycle production waste. Further, they have earned certification for their responsible forestry practices.

Competitive Pricing at high-quality

A production scale of up to 2700 kitchens per day allows them to offer competitive pricing. You will not have to compromise on quality. The efficient manufacturing process ensures a high-quality kitchen at an affordable price point.

Design Freedom

​A wide range of cabinet options and design elements allow for creative solutions. Their design possibilities extend beyond the kitchen. You can design your home office, laundry, pantry, or Entertainment center. Equip your home with Nobilia furniture.

​Kitchen Styles for every taste

The brand offers a wide range of kitchen styles and materials. You will find the right aesthetic for each of your design preferences. It allows you to select a kitchen that meets your personal preferences and meets the design of your home.

Grid system for streamlined design

A grid system allows for a streamlined, easy design process. They use 14.4 cm planning increments. It simplifies the design process and enables you to create a custom kitchen with ease.



Cons to consider a Nobilia Kitchen for a Kitchen Project in the US


Longer lead times

The brand manufactures in Germany and ships the kitchen to the US. This results in longer lead times compared to local options or US-based brands.

Limited availability

​You will find the kitchen cabinetry in many places in the US. Yet, it may be difficult to find a local showroom in your area. This can make it harder to view and select options in person.

Limited style and design options

​The brand offers a range of styles, materials, and colors. Yet, can choose and create your personal design within those options. Yet, they won't offer custom options. Further, the company offers standardized cabinet choices. Resizing or special requests may not be possible or increase the costs.

Higher costs

​The luxury German kitchen brand may cost you more than local options. Stock cabinetry as well as RTA cabinetry may be less costly options.

Professional installation required

Due to the complexity of the kitchens, professional installation is required. This can add to the overall cost of the project.


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Nobilia Products and Offerings

Nobilia is not only a kitchen brand, it's a complete solution for your home design needs. You can achieve a seamless and unified look throughout your living spaces. Their versatile range of customization options allows complete design freedom. You can trust the brand to create a space that is not only beautiful but also functional and long-lasting. You can plan and integrate the German quality kitchen brand in every corner of your home. Design your living room, pantry, home office, and beyond with their quality product. Find inspiration here.

Credit: Nobilia


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Quality & Functionality

The German kitchen provide high-quality features that make them durable and sturdy. Following quality features make Nobilia kitchen a good choice for your kitchen:

  • Construction: The carcass is built from 3/4" and 5/8" furniture boards. This combination makes the cabinet sturdy and durable.

  • Hinges and drawer glides: All drawers and pull-outs are equipped with self-closing hinges. This ensures a smooth and quiet operation.

  • Finishes: Their finishes and materials are high quality. They are resistant to scratches and stains and wear and tear.

  • Joinery: A combination of dowels and glue provides a strong and long-lasting bond.

  • Quality control: A rigorous quality control process that ensures high-quality standards.

  • Hardware: Hinges and glides are sourced from trusted manufacturers such as Blum and Hettich. This ensures reliability and longevity.

  • Sustainability: Environmentally-friendly materials and processes make the cabinets a sustainable choice.

  • Warranty: Nobilia offers a 5-year warranty. This gives customers peace of mind and confidence in their kitchen.

Continues quality-control throughout the production process ensures the high-quality desired for your kitchen cabinets.
Quality Control | Credit: Noblilia


Planning a Nobilia kitchen

Nobilia offers a wide range of high-quality kitchen products. They are designed to meet your needs and preferences. You can choose from various kitchen cabinet styles, countertops, and accessories. Further, you can pick from an extensive selection of front materials and colors. This allows you to cater to different design aesthetics and budgets.


Overview Front panels by Material & Price

You can choose from 23 different kitchen panel styles. Each is available in a variety of colors. The material used for each panel varies throughout the collection.

Kitchen panel materials include:

  • Foliated,

  • Lacquered Laminate in matt and high gloss,

  • structured Laminates,

  • Matt & high-gloss lacquer,

  • glass appearances.

Further, you get front panels in a framed or unframed look. Colors range from solid colors to stone, wood, and steel reproductions. Prices vary depending on the chosen material. Those increase from price group 1 up to price group 10. With this variety, you will find something to suit your style and budget. The table below will give you a brief overview of the front selection per Nobilia's price book:

Credit: Nobilia


Kitchen panel overview with price

Price Group


Front Panels




  • Speed

solid colors & concrete reproduction



  • Laser

  • Riva

solid colors, concrete reproduction & wood reproduction


Lacquered Laminate & Structured Laminate

  • Structura

  • Touch

  • Flash

  • Senso

wood reproduction with structure, solid colors matt, solid color high gloss


Lacquered Laminate, Laminate, Lacquer high gloss & Lacquer matt

  • Easytouch

  • Stoneart

  • Inox

  • Fashion

  • Focus

solid colors matt & high-gloss, wood reproduction, natural stone reproduction, steel reproduction




honed alpine white matt


Lacquered Laminate (framed)

  • Cascada

  • Nordic

  • Sylt

solid colors


​Foliated | Synthetic (framed)

  • Castello

Washed Ivory


High gloss lacquer, Matt lacquer

  • Lux

  • Pura

solid colors


Matt Lacquer (framed)

  • Chalet

  • York

solid colors


Glass appearance

  • Artis

solid colors

Disclaimer: The information provided about Nobilia kitchen front panel options is based on research and knowledge up to March 2023. As manufacturers often update their product offerings, the information presented may have changed or may not be completely accurate. We recommend researching or consulting with a professional for up-to-date information. We are not responsible or legally liable for any information shared.


Grid System, Planning Heights & Cabinet sizes

The popular German kitchen brand uses a grid system. This allows easy modular planning, maximizes storage, and improves workflow. Further, it allows for flexible height planning. The broad range of cabinet heights allows for accommodating ergonomic planning.

The N-Line as well as the standard line feature a grid system and flexible height planning. If you are looking for a sleek modern kitchen the N-Line is right for you.

Various cabinet heights and width offered allow ergonomical planning and adaption to various planning scenarios.
Planning heights | Credit: Nobilia

A grid system allows streamlined and easy planning throughout the whole kitchen.
Grid system | Credit: Noblilia


Costs & Pricing

The German kitchen brand offers kitchens at competitive pricing with high quality. Small kitchen projects may cost around $10,000 to $15,000. Larger, projects with premium materials and finishes can cost $50,000 or more.

It's worth noting that the cost of your kitchen can vary depending on several factors:

  • kitchen size

  • complexity of the project

  • the specific materials and finishes selected,

  • and the location of the project.

Please note, that price estimates for your kitchen cabinetry often exclude:

  • countertops,

  • appliances,

  • installation

  • faucet

  • sink

  • lighting

  • any construction, plumbing, or electrical work

  • sales tax

  • fees for permits

  • fees for industry professionals

You may want to consider hiring an independent kitchen designer to receive an accurate kitchen price estimation of your Noblilia kitchen cost. They can help to design and budget your kitchen. Further, you will receive unbiased advice, creative ideas, and expert knowledge. They can negotiate with suppliers and can propose cost-effective solutions. This way you can stay within your budget while creating a kitchen that meets your needs and preferences.


To learn more about the costs for a kitchen remodel and budgeting your project you may like reading kitchen remodel costs in NYC.


Nobilia kitchen near me - Where to shop for Nobilia?

Are you convinced Noblilia is the right choice for your project? Now you are looking for a Nobilia dealer near you? The following list gives you access to the premium kitchen at your fingertips. You can experience the quality product in kitchen showrooms in following locations:

  • New York City

  • Miami

  • Chicago

  • West Hollywood

  • Dallas

  • Dania Beach

  • Westbury

  • Washington

  • Atlanta

  • Denver

  • Seattle

  • Mt. Kisco

  • Greenwich

  • San Francisco


  • Pasadena

  • Phoenix

  • Culver City

  • Santa Barbara

  • Las Vegas

  • San Jose

Don't wait to get started on creating your dream kitchen - visit our website today to get help with your project! Take advantage of our knowledge in New York City and all over the US with our online kitchen design service.


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