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Leicht NYC - Your German kitchen brand

During your research for your new kitchen interior design, you might have crossed the pass with Leicht NYC. The German kitchen brand is a great choice for your kitchen project in New York. In this article, we will have a closer look at the brand. Read everything about available products, quality, costs, and Leicht's competitors.

white modern kitchen with a kitchen island
modern kitchen with Leicht NYC

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Leicht New York - Who is the German kitchen brand?

Leicht is a German Premium kitchen manufacturer. They produce high-quality, modern kitchen cabinetry since 1926. You may know them for their innovative material use, and love for details. The kitchens are available in a wide range of styles and finishes. Along with options for customization, you can design a kitchen that suits your needs. The high quality of the brand made them popular worldwide.

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What do kitchens by Leicht look like?

You may know Leicht kitchen for its high-quality, modern and minimalistic design. Clean lines, sleek and simple forms, focusing on functionality and ergonomics. That is the Leicht design. A wide range of kitchen design options allows you to personalize your kitchen.

You can design a modern and avant-garde kitchen with Leicht NYC. You may wonder if more contemporary or transitional styles are available too. The answer is yes! With design features and options, you can configure a contemporary kitchen style. Further Leicht NYC offers you a Traditional style kitchen line. It offers you a variety of framed door options, materials, colors, and design elements.


How can I design a contemporary or transitional kitchen with Leicht?

Leicht New York offers you a broad range of materials, colors, and design choices. The Primo kitchen line allows you to bring your personal kitchen style to life. You can choose and add several design elements to create the desired look. Find out how you can design a contemporary or transitional kitchen with Leicht.


Contemporary kitchen styles by Leicht NYC

Contemporary kitchen designs by Leicht New York focus on functionality and ergonomics. For their design, they use a variety of materials, colors, and handles.

Sleek cabinetry:

Contemporary kitchen door panels are usually frameless. They focus on clean lines and minimalistic forms. Different handle options allow you to customize your design. The cabinet doors come in high-quality materials such as laminate, glass or lacquer. You will have a wide range of finishes and colors available.


Leicht NYC often uses neutral color schemes. They combine colors such as white, black or grey, with natural wood tones. That provides you with a clean and sophisticated look.


A contemporary Leicht kitchen will have a variety of countertop options. Those include stone, solid surfaces, and laminate. You might know these countertops for their durability and ease of maintenance.


A contemporary Leicht kitchen will have a variety of lighting options. You can add under-cabinet lightings such as puck lights or strip lights. Pendant lights, above your island seating, can enhance the design of your kitchen.


Traditional / Transitional kitchen styles you find at Leicht New York

Traditional Leicht kitchens feature elegant, warm, and timeless design elements. They use details, such as raised panel doors, crown moldings, and decorative handles. Traditional kitchens by Leicht NYC are inviting. They also provide a sense of classic style and sophistication.


You can choose from a variety of finishes, such as natural wood, lacquer, or high-gloss finishes. They often feature details such as applied moldings, bead boards, and framed doors. All the offered design elements allow you to personalize your traditional kitchen.


Leicht usually opts for neutral colors such as white, beige, and gray. If you are looking to incorporate more warmth to the space bold color options such as yellow or red might be an idea.


Choosing materials such as granite, marble, and solid surfaces complement your kitchen design. They provide a warm and elegant look to your kitchen and shine with durability and a timeless appeal.

Lighting fixtures:

Chandeliers, pendant lights and recessed lighting are a good choice for your kitchen. Those will complement your traditional Leicht kitchen elements. Further, they provide task and ambient light.


Why is a Leicht kitchen a good choice for your kitchen in NYC?

Leicht kitchens are famous worldwide like many other German kitchen brands. But what is it that makes Leicht's kitchen so special? Why should you consider the Premium brand for your New York kitchen project?

  1. High-quality product: The high quality is due to their material choices and manufacturing technics. The company uses high-grade materials in its kitchens. For instance, durable, scratch-resistant laminate surfaces or solid wood veneers. Further, they use state-of-the-art technology and advanced production techniques. This ensures consistent quality and precision in your kitchen product.

  2. Design & Ergonomics: Functionality and Ergonomics are the focus of each product line. The different carcass heights offered by Leicht New York make them easy to use and maintain. You can design your kitchen to your own needs and wishes. Not only with your personal kitchen style in mind but also in a functional and ergonomic manner.

  3. Brand Reputation: Leicht has been in the market for almost a century. They have built a reputation for producing high-quality, durable, and attractive kitchens. This is what made the product so popular and a worldwide success.

  4. Innovation The brand is known for innovative designs. Using new materials helps them stay ahead of the curve in the industry. For example, eco-friendly options such as bamboo, cork, or recycled materials.

  5. Sustainability The company is committed to sustainability. It uses eco-friendly materials and production methods in its kitchens. Some of the materials they use include:

    • Eco-Friendly Laminates: They use recycled materials, which are free from harmful chemicals. They do not use any formaldehyde.

    • Solid Wood: The brand uses solid wood veneers, sourced from responsibly managed forests.

    • Recycled Aluminum: A sustainable alternative for their kitchen hardware.

    • Water-based Adhesives: These are less toxic and more environmentally friendly than traditional adhesives.

    • LED lighting: LED lights are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional lights.

    • Biodegradable Packaging

These sustainable materials and production methods help to reduce the environmental impact. It aligns with their commitment to sustainability.


What products are available from Leicht NYC?

Leicht kitchen offers a wide range of product lines. They include different kitchen models, designs, and technologies. One of the main differences between the product lines is the carcass height.

Some of the product lines that Leicht offers include:


This collection provides you with a wide variety of options and planning possibilities. You can choose from various colors, materials, decors, worktops, and lighting options.

With this product line, you can plan:

  • modern and sleek kitchen without handles

  • contemporary kitchen with handles and sleek doors

  • transitional kitchen with handles and design elements such as crown moldings

The Primo kitchen line is available in the carcass line 86, 80, and the new carcass Line 73.

Avance | Handle -Less

The Avance kitchen line features handle-less cabinetry. It gives you a sleek, minimalistic look and a clean, seamless design. Leicht uses a recessed channel to operate your kitchen. They placed it right below your countertop. The door panel is sitting in front of the recessed channel. Angled door panels allow you to pull your doors and drawers open.

The Avance kitchen line is available in the carcass Line 80 & 86.

Contino | Handle-Less

Characteristics of the Contino line are minimalistic and modern designs. It is a complete handle-free kitchen solution. You operate it with touch to open systems. Unlike the Avance line, it does not have a recessed channel to operate it.

The Contino kitchen line is available in the carcass Line 80 & 73.


What are the different Carcass Lines?

Leicht NYC offers you different carcass lines. Those support you by planning an ergonomic and functional kitchen. Please note that each product line may offer you different Carcass line options.

Leicht uses a grid to structure their cabinets. This allows you to design a sleek and streamlined kitchen. Leicht structured the grid in 13.25 cm increments.


How much does a kitchen Leicht kitchen cost in NYC?

Leicht Kitchen is considered a premium brand. Thus, their kitchens are more expensive than some other brands. The cost of a Leicht Kitchen can vary depending on several factors. Those factors include the materials used, the kitchen size, and the design complexity.

The price of a Leicht Kitchen cabinetry in the US can range from $30,000 to $60,000 or more for a standard-size kitchen. This is only a rough guideline. Please note, that the costs for your kitchen may vary. Your costs can be higher depending on the features, materials, and elements chosen. It is always recommended to consult a professional kitchen designer. Those can support you in obtaining an accurate kitchen price estimate of the costs for your kitchen. They will also take other kitchen components needed into account while estimating.


What factors impact the price of a Leicht kitchen?

There are many factors that drive the costs of your Leicht kitchen. By knowing how you can impact the price point it will be easier for you to plan your kitchen within your budget.


The materials you choose for your Leicht kitchen in New York can impact the price of your kitchen. Opting for a different material can impact the price of your kitchen drastically. It is worth looking at your material choices if you want to save money without changing the layout. High-end materials and finishes will generally be more expensive than basic materials.

Size of the kitchen:

The size of your kitchen does not only affect the number of cabinets you will need. Further you will also need more countertop material. Both factors increase the total costs of your Leicht kitchen in NYC.

Design complexity:

A kitchen with a more complex design is more expensive than a basic kitchen layout. The amount of necessary customization needed will drive the costs further. The production cost will increase as well as your installation costs.

It's important to keep in mind that these are just some of the factors that can affect the price of a Leicht Kitchen. Consulting with a German kitchen Designer will help you to stay within your budget and receive an accurate kitchen cost estimation.


Kitchen components you need to consider for your Leicht kitchen costs

Besides the kitchen cabinetry itself, there are many other costs you need to consider. Those include:

  • Appliances

  • Countertops

  • Kitchen accessories

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Sales tax

  • Construction (plumbing and electrical work)

  • Permits & Expeditor

  • Insurance

  • Design Fees (Architect, Interior Designer)

Consult your German kitchen designer for more information or support with your project.


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Other kitchen brands in NYC similar to Leicht?

New York offers you a broad variety of German and Italian kitchen brands. They offer you high-end and Premium kitchen cabinetry as well. You might to check out the following competing brands:

You can also find some of these brands in our article about German kitchen NYC.


Places, where you can find Leicht kitchens in the US

Leicht Kitchen is a premium German kitchen manufacturer, and its products are available in the US through authorized dealers and showrooms. The availability of Leicht Kitchen can vary depending on the specific location, but you can find them in most major cities across the US.

See their locations below:


  • Scottsdale


  • West Hollywood

  • San Francisco

  • San Carlos

  • San Jose

  • Costa Mesa

  • San Diego


  • Denver

  • Wheatridge


  • Greenwich

Washington DC


  • Dania Beach

  • North Palm Beach


  • Atlanta

  • Norcross


  • Clive


  • Chicago

  • Deerfield


  • Boston


  • Rockville


  • Edina

  • Minneapolis

New Mexico:

  • Santa Fe

New York:

  • Westbury

  • Mt. Kisco

  • Manhasset


  • Beachwood


  • Dallas

  • Austin

  • Houston


  • West Jordan

Washington State:

  • Seattle


  • Jackson


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