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Poggenpohl NYC - German Premium Brand

In your search for German kitchen brands, Poggenpohl may have crossed your path. The high-end German kitchen is available at Poggenpohl NYC. This article will discuss why the brand is a good choice for your kitchen in New York. Further, we will show you what product lines and materials are available. No worries, we will also give you an inside on the potential costs of Poggenpohl kitchen in New York.

Poggenpohl +MODO kitchen island in NYC.
Poggenpohl showroom New York

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Poggenpohl the German high-end kitchen brand

The Poggenpohl history is long. The Premium kitchen brand offers their kitchen for almost 130 years. A Chinese investor bought the traditional German kitchen company in 2020. Despite the change, the Poggenpohl factory remains in Germany. The brand ranks top among other German kitchen companies and is popular worldwide. You can buy Poggenpohl in over 70 countries.

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Find out more about Poggenpohl on their official website: Luxury Kitchens Made in Germany (


How does a kitchen by Poggenpohl NYC look like?

The Poggenpohl kitchen is for its streamlined and clean look and muted tones. Following the acquisition in 2020, the company launched new kitchen collections. The new kitchen designs have become extroverted and bold. Exciting materials like Terrazo and the dark red Rosso Leptano countertop create accents.

Poggenpohl's kitchen design lines:

Poggenpohl kitchen images


Reasons why you should consider a Poggenpohl kitchen in NYC

The high-quality kitchen has its price tag, for sure. But they are definitely worth the money spend. Next to high quality, there are many other compelling reasons why you should consider the brand. Check out the main benefits of considering a Poggenpohl kitchen:

Innovative Design

The kitchen combines architectural concepts and design principles. They provide you with trendsetting product offerings. Especially with their new bold product Line +MODO. The company has always been working towards setting trends. Design collaborations with Architects and Designers lead to their unique designs. Past Collaborations:

  • Experiment 70: Luigi Colani’s spherical kitchen

  • Spanish designer Jorge Pensi for +MODO

  • Porsche Design: P’7340 Design by Studio F. A. Porsche

  • Architect Hadi Teherani for +ARTESIO

Clever storage solutions

Durability & Longevity

Commitment to climate protection

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Available products at Poggenpohl NYC

Poggenpohl New York offers you different product lines. + SEGMENTO creates the essential kitchen framework. It offers all necessary kitchen cabinet options for functional kitchen planning. You can use the other lines as unique and creative design elements. You can find all products in their kitchen showroom in NYC. While exploring your kitchen Interior design options in New York you may also enjoy reading: kitchen showrooms NYC - Top 10 in NYC



The look and feel of the line are based on calm surfaces and delicate lines. You can design the kitchen ultra-modern, contemporary, or transitional. You can create those different styles thanks to, the variety of design choices given. You can choose from many different finishes, door designs, and handle options.

Poggenpohl finishes & cabinet colors

The brand offers you a wide array of front materials. Be aware that your material choice will not only affect the look and design of your kitchen, but also the costs. Available materials include:

  • Laminate (melamine-resin)

  • High-gloss coating

  • Acrylic

  • Acrylic lacquer

  • Matt lacquer

  • High-gloss lacquer

  • Metal - Aluminum

  • Veneer

  • Solid wood

  • Ceramic

Poggenpohl front panel designs



THE +MODO collection allows you to showcase your kitchen island in a spectacular way. You can design a breathtaking island by arranging cabinets, countertops, and open shelves. Adding a +MODO collection island with your +SEGMENTO cabinetry will add some edge to your kitchen in New York.



Are you looking for a rather airy interior concept for your kitchen in New York? If so, the kitchen elements +VENETO by Poggenpohl might be an interesting choice. Each element rests on feet allowing you to arrange them in your space.



The +STAGE concept offers units with pocket doors. You can place them as free-standing elements or build them into your kitchen. Either way, those elements are a great choice to hide appliances or other items. That way your kitchen will appear less cluttered and more organized. You can also use them to design a breakfast area or a party bar. There are many fun ways to integrate them into your design.



The +SOLITAIRE collection adds a homey touch to your kitchen. The "Showcase" glass display unit is an elegant addition to your kitchen. The lines between living spaces and kitchen room blur. The shelving system "Array 170" along with the glass units allows you to design unique spaces. You can separate both areas and design living room furniture that matches your kitchen. This way you can create seamless and stylish living spaces.


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Costs of a Poggenpohl kitchen in NY

Expect Poggenpohl NYC to be at the upper end of pricing. Poggenpohl cabinet costs might range anywhere between $60K - $125K. This may seem expensive, but there are many variables that impact your kitchen costs. Due to that, it is difficult to know what your New York kitchen will end up costing you. Still, this will give you a first rough idea of how much you should expect to invest.

A professional kitchen designer supports you manage your budget. Kitchen Design Services NYC can help you to make the most out of your money.


Factors that will impact the cost of your Poggenpohl kitchen in New York

There are many ways to influence the costs of your kitchen. Factors that will drive the costs are:

  • Size of your kitchen

  • Number as well as cabinet types you choose

  • Front panel materials come in different price ranges

  • Requested Customization of your cabinets


What other costs do you need to consider for your kitchen from Poggenpohl NYC?

The kitchen cabinetry is one of the main cost factors in your New York kitchen design project. Yet, besides the costs for your Poggenpohl cabinets you will need to consider:

  • Appliances

  • Kitchen equipment such as sink, faucet, waste system and lighting

  • Countertops

  • Delivery & Installation

  • Costs for structural, electrical or plumbing changes

  • Design Fees

  • Architectural Services

  • Permits & Insurances

With as many components to consider estimating the costs for your new kitchen can be challenging. Consider hiring a professional kitchen designer to support you with your project. Learn more about the challenges of kitchen price estimates here.


Poggenpohl NYC - What other brands offer similar Products?

New York City offers you many other high-end Premium brands from all over the world. You can explore competing German kitchen brands. Your Poggenpohl alternative:

Other German kitchen brands available to you:


Where else in the US can you find Poggenpohl?

Poggenpohl's showroom in New York City is located in Soho.

Address: 138 Greene St, New York, NY 10012 Phone: (212) 228-3334

You find other Poggenpohl locations all over the US. The German kitchen brand is well distributed. You can source their kitchen cabinetry from many states. Find a list of their US locations below.

No access to a German Kitchen Specialist? You might want to consider a remote Kitchen Design Service.

Poggenpohl showrooms in the United States:


  • Scottsdale (Dealer)


  • San Francisco

  • Santa Clara (Dealer)

  • Los Angeles

  • Costa Mesa - Orange County


  • Denver (Dealer)


  • South Norwalk (Dealer)


  • Estero - Florida West

  • Miami

  • Dania Beach

  • Tampa (Dealer)

  • Winter Park (Dealer)


  • Atlanta


  • Weilea


  • Chicago


  • Boston


  • Chevy Chase (Dealer)

  • Washington DC - Georgetown


  • Birmingham (Dealer)


  • St. Louis

New Jersey

  • Avalon (Dealer)

  • Belmar (Dealer)


  • Memphis (Dealer)


  • Dallas

  • Houston

Washington State

  • Seattle - Mercer Island


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