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NOLTE NYC - Your German Kitchen

Nolte NYC? By researching German kitchen brands, you may have found the brand. But who are they? What do they do? Are they the right fit for your design needs and budget? This article will discuss the brand and sum up all you need to know about the German kitchen brand. We will discuss their product lines, materials offered, and costs for a Nolte kitchen in NYC.

MatrixArt kitchen by Nolte NYC in laminate.
Modern kitchen design

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Who is the German kitchen brand?

Nolte is a German kitchen cabinet manufacturer known for producing high-quality, modern designs. The company has been in business for over 70 years. The company is well-established in the kitchen furniture industry. You can find their products at Nolte New York. While shopping for your new kitchen in New York you should explore the company's offer.

Are you interested in German kitchen cabinetry but not quite sure if it is the right choice? Read this article to find out what makes German kitchens so special.

They offer you a broad range of kitchen styles and design choices. With their 3 lines, you will be able to design a kitchen that meets your aesthetic and functional needs.


What makes Nolte NYC a good fit for your kitchen?

You may wonder if Nolte kitchen is a good brand. Yes, they deliver quality products with a modern design and are well-established. You can source the popular kitchen in New York City. You can even visit their NYC kitchen showroom to experience their quality firsthand. Some of the things that make Nolte kitchens special include:

Quality craftsmanship:

Nolte uses modern manufacturing techniques and technology and high-quality materials. Strict quality control measures during production ensure the high quality of their cabinetry. Your Nolte kitchen in New York is built to last.

High-quality materials:

Materials such as solid wood, wood veneers, and laminates meet high-quality standards. They are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your cabinets will stand up to daily use.

Advanced manufacturing techniques:

The brand uses modern manufacturing techniques and technologies. Processes such as precision cutting and edge-banding result in precise and consistent products.

Strict quality control:

Strict quality control measures ensure that each cabinet meets Nolte quality standards. Craftsmanship and durability of the kitchen units are the main focus. Various Inspections throughout the production process ensure the kitchen quality. A craftsman will do the finishing touch for your kitchen by hand. Before they ship your kitchen to New York they will do final testing.

Experienced workforce:

Nolte employs experienced and skilled craftsmen. They are trained to work with different materials and techniques. This allows them to produce high-quality products, with good attention to detail.


Range of styles and designs:

You can choose from a broad range of different kitchen styles. Minimalistic designs, contemporary or even traditional kitchen designs are possible. Many materials, hardware, and color choices make this possible.

You can choose from 29 front panels and 183 color variants for your front panels. You can even pick from 15 carcass colors and 83 different handle choices.


Attention to functionality & ergonomics:

If you are looking for a kitchen that is not only beautiful but also functional, Nolte is a good choice. Different cabinet sizes as well as units allow for ergonomic planning. Different accessory options will make the most out of your New York kitchen space. Organize your space with their huge Nolte accessories collection.



The mid-range brand offers you affordable kitchen cabinetry. They offer you a range of options in cabinetry and materials. With this, you will be able to accommodate different budgets and price points.


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What product lines does Nolte NYC offer you?

The main product lines by Nolte kitchen you should know is Matrix and MatrixArt. With NolteNEO adds exceptional models and design elements to your kitchen. Below you can find more information about the product lines.


Nolte Matrix allows you to design your kitchen in your preferred kitchen style. This kitchen line will always feature a handle.

The Matrix line will offer you:

  • 83 different handles - Knobs, bar handles, or sleek handle trims.

  • 28 different front panel choices - sleek and modern or framed options

  • different materials - laminate, lacquer or veneer choices

  • different colors - solid colors, laminated wood choices, and more

The Matrix 150 grid system allows you to plan the kitchen line in a streamlined way. With their Matrix 900 line, you can increase your storage space by 32%. This is especially useful in small New York kitchen spaces.


Matrix Art:

With MatrixArt by Nolte you will receive a handle less kitchen. There will be a recessed channel behind your front doors to open your cabinetry. This way you can design and plan a modern and sleek kitchen. You can choose most of the front panel options from the Matrix line in your handle less kitchen.

This line is also based on the Matrix 150 grid system. Same as the Matrix line you will be able to increase your storage space by using the MatrixArt 900 line.


Nolte NEO

The NEO line offers you exclusive fronts, exceptional handles, and new planning options. Besides the regular Nolte product range, you can enjoy the new design possibilities.

Your NEO kitchen will come with the exclusive Nolte neoBox. Further, you can design your handless kitchen without a recessed channel. With a new push-to-open system, you will be only left with a small shadow reveal.


What is the Matrix 150 grid system by Nolte kitchen?

The Nolte Matrix 150 grid is a system of modular cabinetry offered by Nolte kitchen. It is a grid cabinet system that's based on a 150mm (5.9") grid. It allows you a high degree of flexibility with your layout and design. It means, that you can configure your cabinets in a variety of ways to suit your needs and taste. It allows you to plan your kitchen in an ergonomic way by offering many cabinet heights.


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How much does a Nolte kitchen in New York cost?

The costs of your Nolte kitchen in NYC vary depending on several factors. The size of your kitchen, the materials used, and the specific design and layout impact the costs. Nolte is a mid-range kitchen cabinet manufacturer, and their prices reflect this. Due to the factors mentioned above, it is difficult to reflect the actual costs.

Costs for your Nolte kitchen in New York

You should expect that a Nolte kitchen can cost anywhere from 20.000$ to $100.000 or more. The level of customization, material choices, design, and layout will drive the costs. Note, that the actual cost is driven by many factors which makes it difficult to reflect costs for your kitchen.

Other cost factors that impact your Nolte kitchen price in New York

Please note, that you will have to factor in extra costs for other kitchen components such as:

  • appliances

  • countertops

  • lighting fixtures

  • sink

  • faucet

  • waste system and more.

Depending on your kitchen project factor in costs for remodeling, design, and permits.

Calculating and estimating the costs for your new kitchen can be challenging. Consider hiring a professional kitchen designer to support you with your project. Learn more about the challenges of kitchen price estimates here.

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Who offers a similar kitchen to Nolte NYC?

Nolte is a mid-range brand. You will find some other kitchen cabinet brands with similar products. German kitchen brands, competing within a similar price range include:

  • Ballerina kitchen

  • Nobilia kitchen

  • Alno

  • Leicht

Premium and high-end kitchen brands with similar products:

  • Poggenpohl

  • Siematic

  • bulthaup


More US locations you find Nolte kitchen.

Nolte kitchen is available in several states in the US. Yet you won't find a Nolte showroom in each state. Below we created a list of US States you can source their kitchen from:

  • New York

  • Florida

  • Kansas


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