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German kitchen – Quality kitchens made in Germany

Brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Adidas, and many more carry the label "Made in Germany". The label is the world's favorite brand known for its high quality. Buyers from all over the world trust the merchandise label. It stands for high quality as well as security standards. Thus, the worldwide success of the German kitchen is not surprising. But you may wonder, why are they so popular? What is the whole hype about? We would like to uncover the secret with this article. You'll learn about quality, costs as well as the different German brands.

This article will cover:


What is German Kitchen Interior Design?

The Design of the bespoke German kitchen is unique. German kitchen cabinet makers offer a wide range of kitchen styles, shapes, and sizes. They adapt to all unique kitchen needs as well as various kitchen spaces. Thanks to their spaciousness and diverse functionality, they help you organize yourself optimally. You will learn why German kitchens are so popular. Further, you discover the various German kitchen styles available. But before we dive further, we present you the history of the German kitchen.

German kitchen history

Do you ever wonder how German-fitted kitchens evolved? How did humanity progress from outdoor fireplaces to ultra-modern kitchens? This evolution took centuries. The 20. Century had a huge impact on this development. Shifts in societies and rationalization concepts for households had a huge impact. But how and when were the modern German kitchen cabinets born?

The beginnings of kitchen optimization in America

Kitchen efficiency and rationalization

Origin of German kitchen cabinetry

What does a German kitchen look like?

Many German kitchen brands offer you a variety of kitchen styles. They offer you different materials, surface looks, colors and handles. You can select the finishes and handle to customize your kitchen. This way you get to create your kitchen that meets your style. Find a variation of German kitchen design ideas in our German kitchen design gallery.

Modern German kitchen

Transitional Kitchen Style

Contemporary German kitchens

Luxury German kitchens

German handleless kitchens

High end German kitchens


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Why should you consider a German kitchen?

German kitchens among other brands are considered the best because:

  1. Design Variety: kitchen design style, shapes, and sizes

  2. Storage space wizard: German kitchens are storage miracles

  3. Quality: Superior quality thanks to German precision and engineering

1. Design Variety: kitchen design style, shapes, and sizes

German kitchen makers offer a modular kitchen system. Within this system, you will have different kitchen cabinet options available. You can apply a variety of kitchen surfaces to create your preferred German kitchen style. You plan your kitchen by placing the different kitchen cabinets next to each other. You can achieve any kitchen shape and layout you desire.

  • kitchen cabinet options & sizes

Your kitchen cabinet options include base units, tall cabinets and wall units. All quality German kitchens offer storage units, appliance housing units as well as sink units. The kitchen makers provide a wide range of storage units to optimize your kitchen. Depending on the storage unit you can get them in different dimensions.

Overview of possible kitchen cabinets by German kitchen brands
German kitchen cabinet variations

Please note, some storage solutions you find may be unique to a German kitchen company. Talk to your kitchen designer to see what your desired kitchen brands offer.

  • kitchen cabinet styles

With German kitchen cabinets, you can achieve almost any kitchen style. Brands offer a variety of different kitchen surface materials, colors, and handle choices. You will find your kitchen style with the selection offered. It doesn't matter if you are looking for an ultra-modern German kitchen design or a contemporary kitchen style. Find Inspiration here

2. Storage space wizard: German kitchens are storage miracles

German kitchens use every inch and allow you to organize yourself even in the smallest space. Further, they allow you to address all your functional needs. You can use them in various places while organizing yourself with minimal loss of space. This is possible due to their spaciousness and practicality.

3. Quality: Superior quality thanks to German precision and engineering

We all admire the German engineering in cars like Mercedes, BMW, or Audi. Like luxury car brands, German kitchen suppliers rely on a high level of engineering as well. Decades of experience result in their high-quality products. You will enjoy German kitchen cabinets for decades. Read more about the quality here. You might also like: Why are German kitchens the best?


German Kitchen Cabinet Quality

German kitchen furniture is known for the high quality they provide. But is it true? Why are German kitchens considered to be the best?

Kitchen cabinets from German manufacturer are reliable and functional. Further, they offer you a high-quality design. A lot of American kitchen brands copy German kitchen cabinets manufacturers to adapt to the rise in demand. German kitchen not only set design standards they also strive for ergonomic perfection.

Strength and durability of German kitchen cabinets

The durability and reliability of your German kitchen is not a coincidence. The standard of product quality is set by in-house as well as quality label guidelines. Focus of attention are:

  • durability

  • material quality

  • longevity

  • safety

  • health compatibility

  • environmental compatibility

To guarantee these, products are undergoing quality tests. This provides you with a consistent level of quality for your German kitchen.

Kitchen planning variety - ergonomic perfection

German kitchen brands offer you a broad range of cabinetry options. Those offer you layout and arrangement options to design a functional kitchen. After addressing functional aspects of your kitchen, it needs to be ergonomic as well. Some brands address this topic. They offer ergonomic solutions by providing different planning heights. This will help you to plan your kitchen according to your body height. With those options you will create a functional and ergonomic kitchen.

Customized working height for German Kitchen planning.
Kitchen Planning with ergnomic precision


Brands - Availability and how much do they cost?

To date there are 75 different kitchen manufacturers in Germany. They range from factories that produce a couple hundred to 675.000 produced kitchen a year. Not all German brands export their cabinetry into the US.

Below you will find an overview of German kitchen brands by price point along with our top brands.

German kitchen brands by Price

German kitchen makers offer different surface models. The material choice and surface quality will impact the price point of your kitchen. This makes it difficult to categorize the kitchen brands into price categories. Still, we tried to give you a rough overview and segmented the brands as follows:

  • middle-low segment

  • middle price segment

  • upper-middle segment

  • upper-end segment

  • luxury segment

Overview German kitchen by Quality and Price Point.
German kitchen brands overview

Top German kitchen brands - Who provides the best German kitchen cabinets?

German kitchen cabinets are the world's most famous kitchen furniture. This is due to their unique looks as well as their quality. Each brand is unique in the variety of their offer. Most offer you a wide range of kitchen styles. This way you can accommodate your kitchen style dreams. You can find ideas for your kitchen here. But which brand offers the best kitchen cabinets? To answer your question, we will have a look at the differences between the brands first.

Differences between the German kitchen brands

German kitchen brands often use the same supplier for hinges and drawer systems. Due to this each brand can provide you with the highest quality for operation systems. You find main differences in:

  1. range of cabinet options

  2. surface options (kitchen styles available)

  3. surface material options

  4. color options

  5. customization

  6. craftsmanship

  7. attention to detail

Next to the range of cabinet options the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail drive the costs. Brands that process special requests and customization tend to be more costly. While you are looking for the best German kitchen you should pay attention to the details. So, you should look out for the little but fine details when choosing. Precision and meticulous attention to detail during fabrication separate a luxury German kitchen from a mid-level brand.

Selection of top German kitchen brands

As much as we value all German kitchen brands, we want to show you, our favorite. bulthaup, SieMatic, Poggenpohl as well as Eggersmann are our choice. They are all positioned in the high-end segment.

  • bulthaup

bulthaup headquarters are in Aich, Bodenkirchen Germany. The family-owned business offers kitchen and living space systems. bulthaup high-end luxury kitchen are well known in the design industry. They offer outstanding engineering and design. The calming, timeless and minimalistic look adds a luxurious feel to your home for decades. You can see the craftsmanship in the precision in each single item.

Find the bulthaup kitchen in one of their locations all over the US.

  • SieMatic

Siematic are available since 1929. The company is located in Loehne, Germany. Siematic is one of the world's best-known German luxury brands and are available in the US as well. With Siematic's 4 style worlds you can create different Kitchen Styles. The wide variety of styles, materials and colors does not leave any design dreams open.

You can find Siematic kitchen in their local kitchen showrooms. If you want to explore from home, you might want to tour their virtual showroom.

  • Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl is another German kitchen maker specialized in high-end kitchen cabinets. Since 1892 Poggenpohl produces their kitchen in Herford Germany. When it comes to the high-quality kitchen Poggenpohl has the competitive edge.

Most of us know Poggenpohl for their modern kitchen designs. But in case you are looking for a transitional option, they offer that as well. It is definitely worth to have a closer look at their design options.

You can find Poggenpohl in the US in over 30 different locations.

  • Eggersmann

Eggersmann manufactures their bespoke German kitchen since 1908 in Germany. You may know the kitchen brand for high-quality German engineering ultra-modern kitchen designs. They offer you 3 different kitchen systems and innovative design elements. You can use them to create stunning transitions between kitchen and living areas. Especially their Quarzite surfaces create stunning and unique kitchen islands.

You can find Eggersmann in 9 locations in the US.


How can a German kitchen Designer help you?

Planning and designing your kitchen can be difficult. But before you get started you need to find inspiration to get an idea about how you want your kitchen to look like. There are many ways to find Inspiration out there. You may have already fallen in love with the German kitchen Design, but you are not sure if they might be the right fit. In this case you should explore the many German kitchen showrooms to find out more. You can find a specialist in each showroom. They can help you with your project and explain the brand further.

Kitchen Layout drafted by a Design specialist for German kitchen cabinetry.
Kitchen Design by German kitchen Designer

Hiring a German kitchen Design Expert

Optional you can hire an independent kitchen design specialist. This is always a great option if you are not looking into a particular brand yet. We recommend hiring a German kitchen Design Expert. They know the popular brands and can help with insider knowledge.

You can do research online to find a good fit for your project. We recommend reviewing their experience and expertise with German kitchen. You can research their LinkedIn to find out more about their background.

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