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bulthaup NYC - A premium German kitchen brand in New York

bulthaup NYC - A German kitchen brand you may have come across. But who is the high-end brand? You are at the right place if you are looking for more information about bulthaup New York. Find everything about available products, quality, costs, and competitors.

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bulthaup NYC - b3 solid wood kitchen with 2 kitchen islands and a wall hung unit.
bulthaup b3 kitchen


bulthaup New York - Who is the German kitchen brand?

bulthaup is a German premium kitchen cabinet maker. Martin Bulthaup founded the company in 1949. The company produces all its premium kitchens in Germany. This way it's possible to maintain high standards in craftsmanship.

Next to being a high-quality product, the German kitchen brand is known for its distinctive design. The minimalistic, simple, elegant, and sleek design creates the signature look of bulthaup. The outstanding craftsmanship and unique design made them so popular. Today you can buy a bulthaup kitchen anywhere in the world.


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What do kitchens by bulthaup look like?

bulthaup kitchens are a great choice in big Townhouses as well as in tiny city apartments. You can fit bulthaup cabinets in each room. No room is too small or difficult. There are many creative ways how to use your space. Browse through the gallery to find some ideas.

bulthaup kitchen ideas


Why is bulthaup a good choice for your kitchen in NYC?

Many people fall in love with the distinct bulthaup design. But there are many other reasons why you should consider bulthaup for your New York kitchen. Reasons for you to consider a bulthaup kitchen:

  • Distinct minimalistic and simple bulthaup design

  • Longevity and durability of a bulthaup kitchen

  • Design flexibility & variety

  • Smart organization solutions and kitchen accessories

Longevity and durability of a bulthaup kitchen

Each kitchen undergoes an inspection and quality check performed by a craftsman. Once a kitchen meets high-quality standards, they will send it to you. Besides the individual quality checks, each material and product used undergoes massive testing. On-site testing labs examine materials used for durability and longevity. New products need to pass many tests before you can buy them. Those that fail are either discarded or refined to meet quality standards. This way bulthaup is able to maintain the high-quality standards that we love.

Design flexibility & variety

bulthaup NYC offers you a variety of products. The beauty of bulthaup kitchen is that you can create complete home design concepts with it. You can not only design your kitchen, but you can also carry the design on into your dining room or living room. You might even consider using bulthaup cabinetry in your dresser or hallway. There are no limits. You can outfit your entire New York City home with the extraordinary bulthaup design.

Smart organizing solutions and kitchen accessories

Intelligent ways to organize your kitchen can help you to make the best out of even the smallest kitchen. This way you will not only find your equipment faster, it will also make your kitchen look more organized. Luckily bulthaup NYC can offer you many smart solutions to organize your cabinets.


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What products are available?

At bulthaup NYC you will find a variety of products. Starting with kitchen cabinets to dining tables and shelf systems. Most of their products can be seen in their kitchen showroom in New York. You can touch and experience the products there. Convince yourself of the product quality and exclusive design. Before you head to the store explore the different products below.

bulthaup Ppoduct systems:


b3 - Flexible kitchen cabinet system

The bulthaup b3 system is a flexible kitchen design system. There are many design choices for you to make.

How do you want to set up your kitchen?

You can have your bulthaup kitchen installed in 3 different ways. Wall hung, floor standing, or foot supported.

How do you want to operate your kitchen?

What finish do you prefer for your kitchen?

What material do you prefer for your countertop?

What cabinets do you need?


b2 - Freestanding kitchen elements

The bulthaup b2 system offers you 2 components. You can get the bulthaup workbench & bulthaup tool cabinet. The workbench is a modular system and can integrate a cooktop as well as a sink. You can get the modules in different material options. Available are Stainless steel, a black natural stone as well as solid wood. The tool cabinet is available in solid walnut and solid natural oak wood.


b1 - The kitchen for starters (Discontinued)

The b1 system by bulthaup is unfortunately discontinued. You can't order it anymore. The system was a great way to effort a high-quality bulthaup kitchen on a smaller budget. The design of the line was minimalistic as well. The angled doors were thicker and allowed you to open your doors by pulling them from behind.


b solitaire - Elements for your living areas

The product line offers you the b solitaire shelf, a table, and a bench. By using b solitaire elements, you can divide or connect different areas of your room. You can use the b-solitaire shelves for different purposes. They can serve you as a room divider or bar in your living room. They can even function as a prep area or hold your jewelry or ties in your dresser.


bulthaup communication - Dining Room Furniture

You can choose from 3 different bulthaup dining tables. b solitaire table, c2 table or c3 table. Each of those is available in different sizes. You can complete the c3 dining area with a floor-standing or floating bench.


bulthaup accessories - Organize your kitchen space

There are many useful accessories available for your kitchen. You find many decorative accessories as well as organizational systems for your cabinetry.


How much does a kitchen from bulthaup in NYC cost?

An average bulthaup kitchen in New York City will cost you about 90K for cabinetry only. Yet, depending on your kitchen size, material & cabinet choice you might be able to get it at a lower price point. The final costs of your bulthaup kitchen in New York depend on your needs and wishes.

What are the factors that drive the costs?

The costs for your bulthaup cabinets depend on the following items:

  • Number of cabinets used (using view larger cabinets is less expensive than several smaller once)

  • Cabinet types (cabinets with doors vs. cabinets with pull-out)

  • Use of special cabinets (pocket doors, shutter units or similar)

  • Surface materials (laminate vs. lacquer vs. veneer vs. solid wood)

  • Custom orders (Resizing or room height planning options)

Other costs to consider for your bulthaup kitchen in New York

Besides your cabinetry, you will need appliances, countertops, a sink & faucet. Don't forget about accessories like a waste system, outlets, and countertop lighting.

Next to those items, you will have to account for

  • Delivery & installation

  • Appliances

  • Countertops

  • Accessories

  • Structural, plumbing & electrical work

  • Design Fees

  • Permit & Expeditor Fees

  • Insurances and similar

With that many components to consider estimating the costs for your new kitchen can be challenging. Consider hiring a professional kitchen designer to support you with your project. Learn more about the challenges of kitchen price estimates here.


Similar kitchen brands to bulthaup in NYC

Some other premium brands from Germany and Italy offer high-quality kitchen cabinets too. You may want to have a look at competing brands such as:

  • Poggenpohl NYC - German Premium Brand

  • SieMatic NYC - High-End German Kitchen

  • Poliform NYC - Italian Kitchen Brand

  • Boffi NYC - Luxury Italian Kitchen

  • Leicht NYC - German Kitchen Brand

You can also find some of these brands in our article about kitchen showrooms NYC.


Places, where you can find bulthaup kitchens in the US

bulthaup offers their kitchen in several lead shops throughout the US. Some states are served by a local dealer. You can find bulthaup showrooms in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and many other states. See their locations below:

bulthaup California:

  • Santa Monica (Dealer)

  • Los Angeles

  • Pasadena (Dealer)

bulthaup Arizona:

  • Scottsdale (Dealer)

bulthaup Texas:

  • Dallas

bulthaup Florida:

  • Miami

bulthaup Illinois:

  • Chicago

bulthaup Washington DC

  • Washington

bulthaup Pennsylvania:

  • Philadelphia (Dealer)

bulthaup Massachusetts:

  • Boston

bulthaup Connecticut:

  • Greenwich


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