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German Kitchen NYC - Where to shop German Kitchen Brands in New York.

German kitchen design is famous all over the world. To date, Germany counts 75 different kitchen cabinet makers. High-quality standards, engineering, and craftsmanship made German kitchens so popular. But which German kitchen brands are available in New York? We cover all German kitchen brands available when shopping for German Kitchen NYC.

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German Kitchen NYC - bulthaup Kitchen Design in New York.
German Kitchen Brand bulthaup


German Kitchen Brands NYC - Explore your options

Are you located in NYC and interested in a German kitchen? But you wonder what German kitchen brands are available near you? Explore your options for your German kitchen NYC.

Good news: You will find almost every German kitchen brand in New York that is available in the US.

To date, there are 15 different German Kitchen makers available in the United States. New York City alone is home to 11 German kitchen brands.

Luxury & High-end German Kitchen Brands in New York

Especially luxury & high-end German kitchen brands are popular in the US. They fascinate you with an incredible passion and love for details. The precision of the workmanship is evident in even the tiniest details.

German Kitchen NYC - Low-middle segment to the upper-middle segment

Mid-range kitchen brands tend to offer a broader selection of kitchen styles. Thereby attempting to attract a larger number of customers. They are a great choice if you are looking for a kitchen on a lower budget for your New York German Kitchen project.

Other German kitchen brands available in the US

You can find the majority of German kitchen brands in New York. Yet there are some other German kitchen brands available in the US. Even though they aren't on display in NYC it may be worth considering them for your New York German kitchen.

  • Stoermer

  • Mueller Kitchen

  • Alno

  • Noblessa


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Where do you find German Kitchens in New York City?

Luckily NYC is a mecca for German kitchen lovers. The city offers a broad variety of German kitchen brands. You will find them all over the city. Find a list of where to see your German kitchen brands in NYC.

Kitchen showrooms by German kitchen brands

A great way to explore the different kitchens is by exploring the kitchen showrooms. Take some time to explore. It is worth stopping by them to experience the products in person. Head to the A&D building, the Design District Soho, Brooklyn, and the German Kitchen Center.

Explore New York's German Kitchen Design in the A&D building:

Find your German Kitchen in Soho:

Other German kitchen brands in Manhatten, Queens & Brooklyn:

German Kitchen Center NYC

The German Kitchen Center is well-established all over the US. You can find 3 out of their 10 German kitchen showrooms in NYC. Next to brands such as Stosa Cucine and Charles Yorke, they offer 3 German kitchen brands. You will find Nobilia, Leicht as well as Team 7 kitchen for your New York German kitchen project.

Locations German Kitchen Center New York:


How do you choose the best brand for your German Kitchen in NYC?

With the broad offer available to you, you may wonder how you can choose the best brand. The kitchen design and costs for your new kitchen are the main factors to consider.

I. Selecting New York City German Kitchen brands by kitchen style

Being aware of all German kitchen brands available is the first step to your dream kitchen. The next step is to get familiar with the different kitchen styles offered by the various brands. Those steps will help you select the best brands for your New York German Kitchen project.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the German Kitchen Brands available

  2. Gather kitchen ideas and inspiration

  3. Narrow down the kitchen styles you love

  4. Get familiar with the kitchen styles offered by each brand

  5. Select the German kitchen brands that offer your preferred Kitchen Style

  6. Gather Information about selected brands online or in their NYC kitchen showrooms.

II. Set your budget for your New York German Kitchen project

Considering German kitchen cabinets for your New York German Kitchen project is a big investment. The various brands fall into different price segments. Setting a budget is important to control your costs. But what is the difference between a mid-range and a luxury German kitchen?

luxury kitchen vs. mid-range German kitchen

The lines between mid-range and luxury German kitchens are often blurred. Their bespoke kitchen designs are similar. At the first glance, you might not even see major differences. Most of the German kitchen brands even source from the same supplier. Thus, even hinges and pull-out systems are similar. You will find the differences in

  • Quality of workmanship

  • Customization

Quality of workmanship

Luxury German kitchen brands believe in traditional craftsmanship. Craftsmen are no rarity in luxury German kitchen plants. They are responsible for the final details.


Mid-range kitchen makers operate with automated production lines. Thus, thanks to production efficiency, they can offer attractive and competitive prices. But, due to automation, special designs and requests are limited. In contrast, luxury brands have the ability to realize custom orders due to manual labor.

German Kitchen Design NYC with an open kitchen concept.
Modern German kitchen Design in NYC


German Kitchen Design Companies in New York

Are you decided on a German Kitchen but need support with the kitchen design? Architects, Interior designers, and general contractors offer you support. Designing a functional and economically precise German kitchen requires a specialist. You may want to consider hiring a German kitchen Design for this job. But where can you find a German kitchen Design Expert?

German Kitchen Designer offered by German Kitchen Showrooms

Each German Kitchen Brand in NYC offers you design support from their in-house Kitchen Designer. Their experienced Designer can assist you with your kitchen design. You will get a complimentary kitchen design and a first rough kitchen estimate. They will be happy to do further design revisions and detail planning with a design fee in place.

German Kitchen NYC by an Independent German Kitchen Designer

Considering an independent German Kitchen Designer will create more flexibility. You will take advantage of their expertise in German kitchen design. At the same time, you will be independent of a German Kitchen Brand.

You are able to design and plan your kitchen without an attachment to a brand. Now, your Designer can help you to find the best German Kitchen brand that suits your needs and budget. This will:

  • save time

  • save money

  • help to control your costs


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