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Is a Kitchen Designer worth it?

Do you consider a kitchen remodel? Or you might need a kitchen for your new build. No matter what the reason for your kitchen design project is, it will be an exciting journey. There are many ways to approach this task. You can either consider designing your kitchen as a DIY project or hiring a Kitchen Designer. You may wonder if a Kitchen Design Pro will be worth the money spent. This article discusses whether investing in a Kitchen Design Expert is worth it.

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Who can help you to design your kitchen?

There are various options available to you. The most appropriate solution depends on the level of support you need. Another important factor is the budget available to you.

There are many ways to design your kitchen on your own.

You can use many DIY - Kitchen Design Options:

  • Architectural drafting paper, scale ruler & pen

  • Kitchen Design Apps

  • IKEA Kitchen Planner

  • Home Depot - Virtual kitchen planner

If you need more help, you can hire design experts. Those Kitchen Design Pros can help you:

  • Kitchen Design Professionals

  • Architects

  • Interior Designer

  • General Contractor

  • Kitchen Retail Stores Representatives

DIY kitchen design options vs. Kitchen Design Experts:

DIY Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Experts


  • Inexpensive

  • Many available options online​

  • 3-D visualization

  • 24/7 access

  • Experienced in Kitchen Design projects

  • Avoid silly costly mistakes with professional guidance

  • 3-D high-definition kitchen renderings

  • Execute mechanical drawings for kitchen room preparation

  • Kitchen project management and Kitchen Trade coordination

  • Job site checks to ensure smooth execution


  • Time-consuming

  • Challenging for inexperienced users to create a functional kitchen design

  • You are responsible for planning errors - no professional support

  • Costly to fix errors

  • Project Management and coordination of trades in DIY work

  • Costly - Design Fees or Hourly Rates

  • Finding the best Kitchen Designer for your project

  • Availability and responsiveness

The pros and cons may vary depending on your personal situation. But the table above will give you a rough idea of what to expect.

Kitchen Design Professional - Which one is the best choice?

If you decide to opt for a Kitchen Design Expert to support, you on your project you will have many options. You can approach architects, interior designers, general contractors, or kitchen retailers. All those are great options. But which one is the best choice?


Starting your kitchen design with an architect can be a great choice. Especially when you are already working with them on your new construction. You can ask them to present you with a first kitchen layout idea. This way you don't need to hire another Design Expert during the initial planning phases. Yet, architects aren't Kitchen Designers. They are experts in building design. They focus on exterior walls and the structure of your home. Still, they can provide you with a first rough kitchen idea.

Interior Designer

General Contractor

Kitchen Specialist from Kitchen Showroom

Independent Kitchen Designer


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DIY kitchen design - Can you design your own kitchen?

You can design your own kitchen. There are several kitchen design apps that allow you to draw up your kitchen layout. A popular way to design your kitchen by yourself is using the IKEA kitchen planner. The available apps are great tools, especially for experienced kitchen buyers.

If this is your first time designing a kitchen the kitchen layout can be difficult. Consulting and hiring a kitchen Design Pro can help:

  • avoid kitchen designs that are not functional

  • avoid planning errors like colliding doors

Further, they can't help you with the design of your kitchen. Material, and color choices as well as surrounding surfaces like flooring or lighting.

DIY Kitchen designs are a great way to save money. Online Tools will help you with your kitchen layout. You will also handle the logistics and whole kitchen project management.

luxury small kitchen design with Gaggenau appliances.
high-end kitchen design


What does a professional kitchen designer do?

An Independent Kitchen Designer is a specialist in Kitchen Design. Depending on the Service and support you need they will:

Inspiration & Information:

  • Find inspiration

  • Gather kitchen design ideas

Set the stage for your kitchen design:

  • Assess your needs, lifestyle, and goals

  • Create a list of your must-haves and kitchen design wishes

  • Set a realistic budget for your kitchen goals

Kitchen Plan Drafting:

  • Take the dimensions of your kitchen room

  • Explore the different kitchen layout options

  • Draw up your kitchen floorplan

  • Create 3-D Kitchen Renderings


  • Research kitchen cabinet brands

  • Explore material and color options

  • Select Kitchen appliance brands and models

  • Select Kitchen countertops

  • Select the kitchen faucet and kitchen sink

  • Select kitchen lighting and other necessary accessories

  • Collect offers & kitchen price estimates

  • Prepare kitchen costs overview

Project Management

  • Develop kitchen mechanical drawings

  • Job site visits to review job site status

  • Coordinate trades

  • Final walkthrough


Where do you find experts to design your kitchen?

There are different ways for you to find a kitchen designer. You can research online, check popular Instagram Accounts, or browse the NKBA directory. Those are great ways to find a specialist Kitchen Designer. When considering hiring a Kitchen Design Pro you may want to check their credentials. Browsing past projects is another great way to get an idea of how they work. Reviews can be helpful in making a decision.

Is a Kitchen Designer worth the investment?

Hiring a Kitchen Designer will save you money and time. By taking advantage of their expertise, you can avoid costly mistakes. Further, they will be able to surprise you with creative ways to use your space and kitchen. Additionally, it will be easier for you to control your budget. Most people obtain kitchen price estimates in the early stages of their project. Yet mostly their needs and wishes are not 100% clear yet. This results in increasing costs throughout the project. Working with a kitchen designer early on will help to get your dream kitchen without breaking the bank.


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