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Boffi - Where Italian Style and Innovation Unite to Redefine Kitchen Luxury

Luxury Kitchen with island by Boffi
Boffi Kitchen with island

Boffi - Luxury Italian kitchen brand. Products, Materials, Costs & More.

Get ready to dive into the world of Italian kitchen vibes! We're about to have a closer look into the fabulous kitchen brand. We'll explore their cool product lines, and chat about costs (yeah, the real deal), and lead times. It's like a kitchen rendezvous – where design and functionality throw a party! Let's learn about how these Italian brand turn kitchens into total showstoppers.

Table of contents:

  • Boffi - Italian Kitchen Success Story

  • Discover the World of Boffi Kitchen Styles

  • Costs & Delivery Times for your Boffi Kitchen

  • Boffi in the US


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Boffi - Italian Kitchen Success Story

Boffi, a venerable name in Italian design founded by Piero Boffi. The Italian Manufacturer unfolded a rich success story since its start in 1934. Famed for their modern & contemporary design, Boffi products blend cutting-edge and innovative design. The fusion of minimalist designs and strategic collaborations made them a global trendsetter serving many international markets. They collaborated and merged with distinct brands like De Padova, MA/U, and ADL. Under the leadership of CEO Roberto Gavazzi, Boffi' has become available in the US. In 2000 Boffi Soho celebrated its opening and has opened more single brand showrooms.



Discover the World of Boffi Kitchen Styles

Boffi isn't just about designer kitchens; they bring excellence to daily life. Crafted with care using the finest materials, Boffi's production turns your every day into a life dream. For Boffi, it's not just kitchens. It's about making every individual customer's dream a reality. Did you know that Boffi's touch extends to bathrooms too? Experience elegance with their exquisite bathroom products, bathroom furniture, and stunning bathroom vanities. Join Boffi and let your kitchen and bathroom be a harmonious blend of style and luxury.

Finishes & Materials 

Experience the luxury of Boffi kitchens with a diverse range of materials. Choose from quality materials such as Wood, Lacquered, Corian, Composite & Stainless Steel. Exceptional quality with dynamic material options. There's an exclusive curated selection for each of their product lines.

Boffi Product Lines

Explore the world of distinction, where cutting-edge design meets unrivaled mastery of design. Boffi's commitment to design development is evident in their innovative design ideas. Their design isn't just a style; it's a design philosophy and a design code. Collaborating with world-renowned architects and international designers, Boffi transforms spaces. You find solutions for Indoor and Outdoor kitchens. Further, explore the finesse of their Kitchen additions and accessories. Take it a step further in your living space with the sophistication of Furniture from De Padova, MA/U, and ADL.


Antibes K | APR60 & | Aprile | Case 5.0 system | Combine | Combine Evolution | Hide | Open | Programma Standard | Upper


Cove Kitchen


K14 kitchen model


K2, K3 and K4 kitchens | K21 | K5 & K6 development of K2, K3 and K4




 Minikitchen - DESIGN by JOE COLOMBO




Costs & Delivery Times for your Boffi Kitchen

Your dream Boffi kitchen comes with a price range of 50-300K +. The costs vary based on model, size, materials, and cabinetry needs. For precise cost estimation, consult your local Boffi dealer. Make sure to be clear about your vision and needs for accurate pricing. Explore our post on kitchen estimates versus true costs before contacting your dealer. Expect a lead time of 16-20 weeks from Italy, including production. Do you need your cabinets faster? Explore options like Rush Shipping and the shipping method offered for your home. Consult your nearby Boffi dealer for accurate lead times.

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Boffi in the US

Find your nearest Boffi dealer, bringing Italian luxury and design excellence closer to you.

  • New York | Boffi Soho

  • Chicago

  • Denver

  • Georgetown

  • Los Angeles

  • Miami

  • La Jolla - California

  • San Francisco - California

  • Austin - Texas

  • East Hampton - New York



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