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The Future of Kitchen Design - Insights from KBIS 2024

Kitchen & Bath Industry Trends from KBIS 2024
KBIS 2024

Explore The Most Innovative Products at KBIS 2024 - We gathered Insights and Kitchen Trends for you.

North America's largest trade show did not disappoint. KBIS 2024 celebrated it's 60th anniversary. The Trade show focuses on residential kitchen and bath design. Spanning over 330,000 square feet, this event gathered thousands of industry professionals. It showcased the latest trends across kitchen, bath, and integrated living design. After exploring the showroom floor and speaking with vendors, here are the trends in 2024.


Summary: Key Design Trends from KBIS 2024

KBIS 2024 was a chance to connect with designers and exhibitors. Further, the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show allowed me to build meaningful connections. Here are my takeaways on design styles, trends, and products shaping 2024.


  • Smart Appliances: Between Voice Activation & AI-Powered Interfaces

  • Induction Cooking

  • Colorful Appliances

  • Bora Downdraft Systems Launch in the US

Kitchen Cabinets:

  • Trend Color: Sage Green Cabinets

  • Pocket Doors

  • Functional Accessories and Smart Storage


Appliance Trends & News 2024

With hundreds of exhibitors to browse, at the three extensive floors, I had to make a plan. Like many design professionals, I came armed with an exhibitor list of must-see brands. I made sure to hit up the major appliance powerhouses — LG, Samsung, Miele, and SubZero among them. I picked up on some buzzworthy themes as I wandered the bustling KBIS 2024 show floors. Smart Home, Connectivity & Induction was the key focus across many exhibitors this year.

Smart Appliances

Smart home technology in the kitchen design industry is not a new trend. Yet, KBIS 2024 showed that appliances become more connected and intuitive each year. Voice activation and seamless connectivity are building upon years of advances. What used to be novel features are now being taken to new heights. LG's KI.EN smart hub pioneers' innovation. The system networks kitchen appliances into a voice-controlled ecosystem. Verbally cue your ideal morning while coffee brews, showcasing intelligent assistance strides. Samsung's visual fridge, with a holographic display mapping content, signifies evolving device personalization. Kohler's touchless, voice-activated fixtures hint at hands-free kitchen potential. At KBIS 2024, the smart kitchen landscape advances, bridging sci-fi with reality.

Induction Cooking Crosses the Pond

Induction cooking long favored overseas, now takes the U.S. by storm. As seen in KBIS 2024 booths, sustainability shines in ranges and cooktops. Induction stoves heat only the pan, reducing energy loss versus traditional electric ranges. This aligns with KBIS 2024's wider focus on sustainability across product categories. Heritage brands like Wolf and Miele, alongside newcomers, embrace induction. This efficient cooking tech is set to conquer American kitchens. marking a shift toward eco-conscious culinary solutions.

Colorful Appliances at KBIS - Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

Matte black and stainless steel are so last year. At least according to the latest appliances unveiled at the American Trade Expo. From green refrigerators to blue ranges, brands gave their products a color upgrade. These playful, saturated hues add bold elements and personality to modern kitchen aesthetics. Paired with metal accents, the appliances offset the cabinetry for an eye-catching contrast. Companies like LG, Samsung, and Wolf all featured colorful suites. As both a designer and consumer, I appreciate when brands break out of neutral tones. The vibrant ranges and refrigerators add customizable and invigorating flair to kitchen spaces. Embrace a more personal style.

Bora Downdraft Systems Launch in U.S.

European luxury kitchen brand Bora announced a major partnership with Whirlpool Corporation. As a cabinet design specialist myself, Bora's minimalist downdrafts have always enchanted me. But the steep logistics of importing the German-made systems had been a barrier—until now. Bora's proprietary downdraft technology and sleek aesthetic becoming accessible for American kitchens. Thanks to Whirlpool's distribution network. I foresee these systems gracing high-end renovations coast to coast.


Kitchen Cabinet Trends: Smart Storage and Soothing Hues

When it comes to kitchen cabinet inspiration, KBIS 2024 sets the tone. Look for functional yet beautiful trends that will define design this year. From space-saving solutions to calming color palettes. Here are the three standout kitchen cabinetry styles I saw shining at the show.

Sage Green for Soothing Tranquility

One paint color ruled the KBIS floors this year: sage green. Top brands like Nobilia displayed sage green cabinets, paired with wood and brass accents. The combo felt both lively and grounded—ideal for busy kitchens needing a dose of serenity. As whites overwhelm showrooms, expect to see sage emerge as a refreshing evolution.

Pocket Doors: An Old Trend Here to Stay

Pocket doors for kitchen cabinets are not a new idea. Yet at KBIS 2024, the excitement around concealed storage suggests this trend is here to stay. Big names like Blum, Kesseboehmer, and Grass showcased their latest pocket door innovations. With smoother functionality and hassle-free hardware, pocket doors are making a comeback. They transform small kitchens into spacious havens, maintaining a modern look when closed. In the era of compact living, concealed storage in kitchens is more relevant than ever.

Revego Pocket Door System by Blum

Ballerina Kitchen Pocket Door System

Functional Storage Gets Futuristic

Beyond standard cabinets, brands reimagined access and organization through creative built-ins. Extractable corner lazy Susan's and accessibility-focused pull-outs catered to mobility needs. Hidden wet bars concealed behind pocket doors sprang forth when entertaining. Docking drawers recharged devices or hid mess. Even Le-Mans style units revived the corner dead zone with dual access. The efficiency made small spaces feel indulgent and made me rethink storage potentials.

Docking Drawer Solution Explained

Ninka partners with Richelieu Hardware to distribute this corner solution


Other Innovative and creative design Ideas for Residential design

As I strolled through the Design & Construction Show, I uncovered fresh, innovative ideas. Ready for new stunning products for Residential Design? My Designer Pals couldn't get enough of the concealed shower drain. It is a perfect solution for Bathroom Design projects. And the Smart Closet Solution from Hettich stole the spotlight. It offers a savvy answer for small spaces. These beautiful products showcase the ongoing days of product innovation. The world of design and construction is ever-evolving.

Smart Closet Solution for Small Spaces by Hettich

Invisible Shower Drain - Bathroom Design


Between designer networking events to fostering meaningful connections, I met incredible bath design experts. I left with a comprehensive understanding of the latest innovations. Exploring three extensive floors of exhibitors was worth the trip. I discovered products spanning building products to surface trends.

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