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German Kitchen Trends 2024 - Hottest Kitchen Trends you need to know about

Black Kitchen with Island
Past Trend: Black Kitchen

Kitchen Trends 2024 - 6 Hot German Kitchen Trends Influencing How Our Kitchen Looks in 2024. Ready to transform your kitchen into a 2024 hotspot?

 on a journey into the heart of 2024's German kitchen design trends! If you dream of a kitchen remodel, you're in for a treat. German Kitchens are a popular choice among industry professionals. Their high quality makes them a popular choice. Learn about the latest trends to create your dream kitchen. Create a stylish and functional kitchen space with our insights. Let's dive in!

Table of contents:



2024 Kitchen Design Trend # 1: Minimalistic kitchen designs—different styles, same chic!

Do you enjoy simplicity and sophistication? Then you will love this current trend in kitchen cabinetry: Minimalistic kitchen design. Explore the essence of this timeless trend in kitchen design. It's focus: clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and versatile design elements. Discover why it's an excellent choice for expressing your personal style. Explore these 3 distinct minimalist design variations.


1. Scandinavian Kitchen Design:

Scandinavian design is a breath of fresh air with its commitment to simplicity. Clean lines define a clutter-free space. The use of white and light earthy tones creates a bright and inviting atmosphere. You can incorporate natural materials like untreated wood to enhance the cozy ambiance. Open shelving fosters an open, airy feel. It's not just a kitchen; it's a harmonious blend of simplicity and warmth.


2. Japandi Style:

With this style, panels often showcase simplicity with clean lines and minimalistic profiles. The design style shows a preference for natural and light-colored wood choices. The emphasis is on creating a serene and uncluttered visual aesthetic. Japandi style tends to embrace clean and simple lines. The emphasis is on a minimalist approach. It is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements.


3. Neoclassical Kitchen Design:

Neoclassical design is typically characterized by a more opulent and traditional aesthetic. With this new interpretation, you focus more on simplicity. Stay away from bold colors and excessive use of ornaments. This blend captures the essence of neoclassical style in a more understated and modern manner. Create a mid - century kitchen style that is both sophisticated and minimalist.

Modern Neoclassic kitchen with white & wood elements
Modern Neoclassic kitchen


Kitchen Design Trend in 2024 # 2: Trending Colors - Vibrant Palette for Culinary Spaces

Get ready for exciting trends in kitchen colors! Traditional white kitchen and black finish cabinets have been the design focal for a while. Yet in 2024 we will see a shift in the previous moody color palettes. During the new season, we get rid of white and dark colors such as matte black. Say goodbye to your black kitchen for your creative kitchen makeover.

What other choices do you have to create an elegant and calming kitchen space? Transform your kitchen into an inviting space with bright colors. Welcome a color palette of creamy whites. Colors such as beige, greige, sage and taupe are warm neutrals. Further, dramatic colors such as dark grey tones are in style. If you are looking for a bold statement you can consider opting for dramatic color tones in red or pastel colors. What is your Color of Choice?

Red kitchen cabinetry in every tone are a stylish choice to combine with oak.
German Kitchen Trend: Red kitchen

Sage traditional kitchen cabinets with framed front panel.
Credit Nobilia. Sage kitchen.


Kitchen Trend #3: Kitchen Transformation: Crafting Style with Materials & Design Elements

In 2024 style emerges through a mix of materials and design elements. Explore the allure of natural elements and discover your material of choice. Pick from a variety of decorative materials to craft a kitchen that's a masterpiece of design. Learn what materials & elements are a must-have for your kitchen transformation.

Stone Design Front Panel & Countertop Materials:

Transform your kitchen aesthetic by putting surfaces at the forefront. Explore the elegance of Concrete, Slate, and cement, capturing character. Revel in a custom touch through those unique cabinet doors and counters. Consider Ceramics in a chic concrete style for an easy-to-clean surface. Your kitchen will for sure become the center stage of your home.


Wooden Kitchen:

Step into the world of a wooden kitchen. Natural wood is a great choice for everyone looking for a warm and cozy look. Wood species such as walnut and oak are a popular choice for kitchen cabinets. Those wood tones promise warmth and coziness. The trend for the upcoming year leans towards dark wood tones. While solid wood or veneer options can become costly there are luckily other options. Opt for wood replicas with an added structure. Such offers both a trendy aesthetic and an attractive price point.


Vertical grooves:

Incorporate a touch of drama to your kitchen remodel. You will find an exciting look in a variety of groove types. Do you prefer individual lamellas or embedded ridges? Step away from classic design elements such as glass doors and shelves. Get creative and add a modern twist to your kitchen with grooves. They are perfect for kitchen front panels, dining tables, backsplashes, and more.

Kitchen cabinetry with vertical grooves. Lamell front panels in walnut.
Play with vertical grooves


Handles as a decorative element:

We all associate modern kitchens without handles. While handle-free kitchens are still trendy consider hardware. Don't be scared of a different approach to hardware. Handles and knobs work with each style of kitchen. There is a wide variety of hardware you can choose from. The best: You can create a completely different look easily. Swap out your black hardware to brass hardware and enjoy your new kitchen.


Lighting & Light fixtures:

Elevate your ambiance with statement lighting fixtures, casting a captivating glow. Introduce depth with layers of lighting. Blend accent lighting for focal points and soft ambient lighting for warmth. Enhance functionality with practical touches like under cabinet lighting. This way you can create a harmonious and well-lit atmosphere.


2024 Kitchen Trend #4: Kitchen Layout Design & Functionality

Tired of looking at the pile of dishes, pots, and pans in your sink? Or is your countertop cluttered with kitchen appliances? You will love this trend. Invisible kitchens are here to stay. Enjoy hiding your appliances behind pocket doors. Some kitchen brands even allow you to hide the whole kitchen behind sliding doors. Kitchen brands such as Eggersmann, Leicht, bulthaup & Ballerina offer functional solutions.

Another interesting solution we are looking forward to is Gaggenau's integrated induction cooking. In partnership with Cosentino, the brand introduced a new clean approach for an invisible cooktop. Currently only available in Europe. Let's hope we will see Gaggenau's invisible cooking surfaces in the US soon as well.

For everyone who's tired of rectangular kitchen islands embrace the trend of contrasts. Soft edges are the new trend. Further, the brands are playing with contrasts. Round shapes seamlessly integrate with rectangular shapes.

Round table on a kitchen island.
Kitchen Trend 2024: Round shapes


2024 Kitchen Trend #5: Don't stop in your Kitchen - Seamless Transition from Kitchen to Living Spaces

In 2024, kitchens evolve into seamless living spaces. German Kitchen Brands become complete home outfitters. They don't stop in the kitchen. You can create complete solutions for dressing rooms, home offices, and dining areas. The trend blurs boundaries, transforming your kitchen into a multifunctional hub. This ensures a harmonious transition from culinary creativity to versatile living.

Home Office Design with Kitchen Cabinets.
Credit Nobilia. Space Design Beyond Kitchen Cabinetry


Kitchen Desing Trend 2024 #6: Sustainable Kitchen Design

Embrace the future with 2024's Biggest Kitchen Trends—Sustainable Kitchen Design. We can see a rising awareness among kitchen brands for sustainability. There is a shift towards green cabinetry. Innovative and advanced production processes lower emissions. Furthermore, there is an increase in the usage of sustainable materials. Most brands already source eco-friendly materials for their kitchens.

Kitchen appliance brands focus on low-emission kitchen appliances as well. Brands such as Liebherr & Bosch are experimenting with natural or recycled materials.

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