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Eggersmann - Quality, Kitchen Designs & Costs for the Luxury German Kitchens

Modern Kitchen with glass cabinets
Eggersman Kitchen

Eggersmann Kitchen - Bespoke Kitchen Furniture for your home. Learn about the Individual Kitchen quality, designs, cabinet costs & more.

Finding the right kitchen cabinets that meet your design vision as well as your functional needs can be exhausting. If you are looking for a unique kitchen design, the premium kitchens might pique your interest. Designers of luxury kitchens, as well as homeowners alike, enjoy the design. Keep reading to find out more about the kitchen brand.


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Luxurious Kitchen Cabinets Made in Germany

The carpenter Wilhelm Eggersmann founded the company in 1908. Since then, the manufacturer gained the trust of homeowners and design professionals alike. They established a good reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and timeless design. 100 skilled professionals are dedicated to producing outstanding cabinets. With their support roughly 5000 premium kitchens leave the 11,000 square meters manufactory facility in Oeynhausen (Germany) each year.

Creating timeless modern and unique furniture is the heart of the brand's operation. Each kitchen reflects a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. They will integrate seamlessly into your luxury home. Further, you can personalize your cabinets to your preferences and needs. Keep reading to learn more about the cabinet quality.

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kitchen cabinets with "bookmatched" veneer grain
high-end Eggersmann kitchen


Quality by Eggersmann

You may know Bespoke Luxury Kitchens from Germany for their high quality. But what about Eggersmann? Will they meet your desire for a long-lasting kitchen? We will discuss how the brand provides you with the best quality and how it maintains its standards. Stay curious.

Top-of-the-Art Kitchen Manufacturing facility

Your kitchen cabinets will be produced exclusively to order. This way the brand is able to provide you with specific solutions tailored to your needs. You won't get an off-the-shelf solution. Skilled and experienced craftsmen work on your order. They use a combination of handcrafting with state-of-the-art equipment. The top-modern machine park provides them with the latest manufacturing technologies. This allows the German company to provide precision, smooth surfaces, and consistency.

What are Eggersmann cabinets made of?

The German kitchen cabinet manufacturer uses high-quality materials for their products. They use triple-ply quality chipboard and MDF board. They are TSCA certified according to their strict emission requirements. Title VI / CARB2 (California Air Resources Board) regulates emissions. The formaldehyde emissions value is permitted to be 0.1ppmn. With ≤ 0,05 ppm the brand is significantly below the permitted limit.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Eggersmann demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability. The German Company prioritizes the responsible use of materials and natural resources. As a testament to their dedication, they obtained certifications that confirm such practices. They were the first German brand to receive the FSC Mark from the Forest Stewardship Council®. It certifies that the woods used are from responsibly managed forests.


Design Award-Winning Kitchen Cabinet Brand

The luxury brand is a recognized leader in kitchen design and functionality. They received several prestige awards that confirm their excellence in the industry. Such include:

  • Good Design Award,

  • Designpreis Deutschland,

  • Red Dot Award, I

  • Interior Innovation Design,

  • IF Design Award,

  • Muuuz International Awards in 2020.

These highlight the company's commitment to innovation, aesthetics, and ergonomic functionality. Further, it solidifies its reputation as a top-tier brand in the world of kitchen design. Find out what their kitchen designs look like, and which product lines are available.


Eggersmann luxury kitchen design & systems

Are you looking for a contemporary kitchen or a more modern style? You can customize the premium kitchens to meet your design preferences. The brand provides you with a selection of kitchen systems to plan your dream space. Those further allow you to integrate the kitchen design into your living spaces. You will find an overview of the products available below:

E3.0 | Individually within a system

The E3.0 kitchen system is the basis of your kitchen planning. The Unique, Works, and home systems enhance the design possibilities even further. Within the system, you can customize your kitchen with many designs, shapes & materials. Create a space that is as unique as you. The Premium designer kitchens provide you with the appropriate toolbox.

Choose from many materials and colors. Do you prefer handles or a more seamless integrated look? Then handle channels or Sensomatic might be a good choice for you. Pick and choose! The system allows you to let your design dreams come true.

Not only do they offer you a broad range of design flexibility it also offers unique features. A variety of cabinet options allow you to design a functional layout. Further, the brand offers you unique and innovative features. What do you think about pocket doors with invisible hinges? Or do you like to conceal your cooktop & sink? The German company offers you flexible movable countertops. Interested?


Unique - Choose one material for all surfaces

Would you like to take it one step further? For everyone who is looking for an extraordinary look, this system is worth exploring. Showcase your personality in your new space. Use natural stones, steel & brass to show off who you are.

You can create stunning monolithic and sculptural islands. The cubic elements designed with a 45-degree-miter won't disappoint. Other design features such as:

  • framed aesthetics

  • industrial looks

  • framed island countertops with a miter shape

  • 45-degree miter on front panels and side panels

  • solid countertops with a notch as a recessed opening for a handle

  • recessed frames for appliances

  • seamless welded stainless-steel countertops and side panels

  • flexible movable bar top & countertop


Work's - Your kitchen workshop

Functional storage & freestanding elements that enhance your kitchen. Are you looking for an eye-catcher that looks beautiful and also adds functionality? Consider the work's elements. Functional turn elements provide hidden storage solutions behind hidden glass. Work islands or bridge elements, which work as a bridge above the island create a unique look.


Home - Elegant transitions between your open spaces

Finding a good solution to transition from your kitchen into other areas of your home can be tough. Eggersmann has a suitable solution for this as well. Use stylish wall panels and glass elements! With those, you will be able to create an elegant transition in any room.



Equip your cabinets with a broad selection of accessories. You'll find everything from cutlery dividers to boxes and a stylish shelving system.


Kitchen cabinet materials

Select from a wide range of materials when designing your kitchen. You will find everything from budget-friendly laminates to extravagant material options. Decide what meets your style & budget. From Standard Kitchens to Extraordinary Concepts, you will find the perfect material in their collection.

  1. Laminate: A durable and cost-effective material. It comes in various finishes and colors. From neutral palettes to more popping colors. They provide a practical and stylish choice for kitchen cabinets.

  2. Lacquer: Choose your lacquered finishes in velvet, matt, or high gloss options. They allow for a sleek and sophisticated look. It will enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen.

  3. Real Wood: With its emphasis on timeless elegance, the brand incorporates real wood. Showcase the material's natural beauty and warmth. You can create a classic and luxurious appeal to kitchen spaces.

  4. Aluminum: Aluminum is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant choice. It will add a modern and industrial touch to your designs.

  5. Concrete: Choose from various shades. Do you prefer dark grey, dark brown, almost black, or a lighter version? Concrete surfaces provide a contemporary and urban look.

  6. Glass: Lacquered glass, is available in many colors. Add a sleek and reflective element to create a sense of sophistication and depth.

  7. Stainless Steel: Different brushwork techniques on stainless steel, create distinctive texture. The finishes blend seamlessly with contemporary kitchen styles.

  8. Natural Stone: You can introduce a sense of luxury and elegance. Pick a marble or granite to bring a touch of natural beauty to your home.

  9. Fenix Nano: The multi-layered acrylic resin materials offer exceptional durability. Further, it is resistant to scratches and fingerprints. Thus, it makes it an ideal choice for kitchen cabinets that must be low maintenance.

  10. Corian: Corian is a versatile and seamless solid surface material. It allows you to create unique designs and customized shapes. At the same time, it offers you excellent durability and hygiene.


Kitchen cabinet costs

The cost of Eggersmann premium kitchen cabinets can vary depending on many factors. For example, kitchen size, the selected materials, customization options, and extra features. The German company and its high-end offerings are known to be a bit more costly. Generally, they fall into the premium price range. Eggersmann Kitchen can start around 65,000 $ and go well into six figures or more. The final costs depend on the complexity and customization of the design. For accurate pricing information, it is advisable to contact Eggersmann.


Eggersmann USA Showrooms & Dealers

You will find the luxurious German cabinets all across the US in 10 different locations. Find the list of dealers below:

Other kitchen showrooms you should explore when you are in NYC: Find our Top 10 here.


Do you need help?

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