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Ballerina GL 4021|XL 6840

Luxurious & spacious Kitchen Idea with Ballerina Kitchen cabinets in a timeless contemporary design.

Please note that the images provided are for reference only. The actual product's appearance may vary.

Kitchen Cost Breakdown***

This Kitchen Cost Breakdown gives you a detailed look at what's in the displayed kitchen setup. Keep in mind, that cabinet costs can change with size, materials, and your choices. Our guide is for estimation only. Always get an official quote for accurate kitchen project costs. We're not responsible for any price discrepancies.


Kitchen Cabinet Costs:

Ballerina GL 4021|XL 6840

80,000.00 $ – 85,000.00 $ (2023)


60" Gas - Range

Thermador Pro Grand PRD606WEG

22,149.00 $


Thermador DWHD560CPR

Dishwasher 2

Bosch 300 Series SHV53CM3N

1,549.00 $

1249,00 $

36" Fridge

Thermador Freedom Collection T36IF905SP

Flat Panel Stainless Steel

Thermador TFL36IR900 | Flat Panel Stainless Steel

9,349.00 $

1,050.00 $

36" Freezer

Thermador Freedom Collection T36IF905SP

Flat Panel Stainless Steel

Thermador TFL36IR900 | Flat Panel Stainless Steel

9,349.00 $

1,050.00 $

60" Range Hood

Thermador Professional Series VCIN60GWS

2,749.00 $


Natural Marble countertop

24,000.00 $

Sink, Faucet, Accessories:


Franke Professional 2.0 PS2X1103012 (2x) (2550.00$ each)


Blanco Linus 526365 (2x) (739.00 $ each)

Trash Bin

not included


not included

6100.00 $

1,478.00 $

Estimated Kitchen Costs:

160,072.00 $ - 165,072.00 $

IMPORTANT: Read the Information provided in the Kitchen Cost & Kitchen Estimation Disclaimer below!

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Kitchen Cabinets:

Kitchen Brand:


Kitchen Model:

Front Material First Colour: SMARTGlass GL 4021 – Sand Gray
Front Material Second Colour: BAVARIA XL 6840 – Oak Silk Gray
Drawer Style: LegraBox Free Art

Front Material:

Glass & Real Wood Veneer


L401 – Stainless Steel Doucine

Kitchen Shape: 

L-shape, Island

Kitchen Size: 


L-Shape: roughly 28 feet | Island: roughly 12 feet long

Ballerina Kitchen Showroom Front Panel & Style Selection

The Kitchen Cabinet Costs for the Ballerina GL 4021|XL 6840 Display, ranges between $80,000.00 and $85,000.00 in 2023. Note, that the kitchen costs are for cabinets only. Appliances, countertops, accessories & construction are additional expenses. See our kitchen breakdown for more information.

The kitchen displayed showcases Glass & Veneer Kitchen Cabinets. With the high-end materials, you add a luxurious touch to your kitchen. The front panels come in various colors, allowing for personalization in your kitchen.

Ballerina is a prestigious German kitchen brand known for its high-end products. They offer a wide range of kitchen styles and cabinets. Allowing you to find a solution that suits your individual preferences and requirements.

To receive a quote for this luxurious kitchen in your own home, fill out our quote request form above. We will connect you with our trusted partner to provide you a personalized quote. Let's take the first step toward your new kitchen today.

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*** Disclaimer Kitchen Cost Breakdown & Kitchen Price Estimation:

We want to emphasize that the cost estimations provided here are for reference purposes only and should not be considered legally binding. It is crucial for clients to obtain an official quote from qualified professionals to ensure accurate kitchen project costs. Additionally, please note that all prices mentioned in these estimations are subject to variation and may be influenced by factors such as price increases or product discontinuation. We strongly recommend that users verify prices from third-party product retailers to stay updated on any changes. These estimations are offered as a general guideline to help you understand potential costs, and we assume no legal obligations arising from their use. For precise and up-to-date pricing, consult with reputable professionals and retailers.

Please be aware that the estimate provided does not encompass the full spectrum of potential expenses related to your kitchen project. The following expenses are not included in this estimate, but the list is not exhaustive:

  • Sales tax

  • Delivery charges

  • Installation fees

  • Material & Labor costs for structural, plumbing, and electrical work necessary for your kitchen project

  • Costs for permits and insurances

  • Expenses associated with trash removal

  • Lodging expenses

  • Fees for professionals such as architects, interior designers, expeditors, or similar services

This estimate is intended as a general overview of potential costs and should not be considered an all-inclusive quotation. For a more comprehensive understanding of kitchen remodeling costs, please refer to our guide: Kitchen Remodel Cost: Your kitchen remodeling costs guide.

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